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May 06, 2008 07:30 ET

Testing Confirms PureSpectrum's Ballast Technology Enables Linear Regressive Dimming for Linear Fluorescents

Independent Testing Confirms That Cost Effective Circuitry Can Provide Full Range of Light Output

SAVANNAH, GA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - Tests recently conducted by an independent lighting laboratory have definitively confirmed that dimmable ballast technology designed by PureSpectrum, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PSPM) enables uninterrupted linear regressive dimming for linear fluorescent bulbs.

The tests were performed at Independent Testing Laboratories, a NVLAP-certified facility in Colorado, and produced data which concluded that PureSpectrum's proprietary ballast technology enabled a 32-watt T8 linear fluorescent to dim without performance losses from 100 percent of perceived light output to five percent of perceived light output in five percent increments.

Before PureSpectrum began rigorously and thoroughly testing its dimmable ballast for fluorescent light bulbs earlier this year, there was no standard test used to measure the performance of dimmable fluorescent bulbs. PureSpectrum's advanced technology team created the framework for testing designed to accurately determine the dimming capability of fluorescent bulbs and successfully employed the test to verify performance for the company's ballast with both compact fluorescent bulbs and linear fluorescent bulbs.

"The results from tests commissioned during the past four months are critical to PureSpectrum's plan for revenue generation as well as the company's long term goal of establishing a solid reputation for providing high quality technology solutions for the lighting industry," said PureSpectrum president and CEO Lee Vanatta. "Our ability to license this technology and continue our development process depends on proving with absolute certainty that this dimming technology platform is viable for fluorescent lighting. In multiple rounds of testing using both compact fluorescent and linear fluorescent prototypes, the data allows us to state unequivocally that PureSpectrum technology is a strong technological alternative for fluorescent lighting manufacturers."

While PureSpectrum's ballast has performed seamlessly during independent testing on prototypes, the most appealing feature of PureSpectrum's dimmable ballast design may ultimately be the cost to manufacture. Dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescent light bulbs can contain as many as 150 electronic components and sell for more than $100 per unit in some cases, but PureSpectrum's circuitry only requires 31 components. By comparison, PureSpectrum's dimmable ballast is operated by approximately the same number of parts found in non-dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescents which are sold for approximately $20.

"Our expectation is that a manufacturer that licenses PureSpectrum's technology will be able to reposition their product line with improved performance at a better price," Vanatta said. "Our ballast model performs as well or better than dimmable ballasts for fluorescents on the market today, but it should cost significantly less to make. We feel strongly that we are offering the means for a fluorescent lighting manufacturer to gain a competitive advantage and a product differentiator in one technological package."

Fluorescent lighting dominates the general lighting market and is expected to expand its market share as new technologies are developed to improve energy efficiency, affordability and performance. With more than a billion electronic fluorescent ballasts in use in the United States alone, the electronic ballast market already exceeds $10 billion per year and more than one hundred million new electronic ballasts are produced each year.

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