October 08, 2009 16:02 ET

Texans For Tier One Launches Prop 4 Website

The Site Explains Constitutional Amendment and Encourages Texans to Vote FOR Prop 4; Lists Bipartisan Support, Better Jobs for Texans, No New Taxes

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) - Texans For Tier One, the statewide organization formed to push the passage of Proposition 4, a constitutional amendment on the upcoming November 3rd ballot aimed at increasing the number of Tier One universities in Texas, announced the creation of a new campaign website that can be found at TexansForTierOne.com.

"Texas voters who need information about Proposition 4 for the upcoming November 3rd statewide ballot can get everything they need at TexansForTierOne.com," said Texans For Tier One Assistant Treasurer Nelda Luce Blair, who also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Woodlands Township. "This website is straightforward, easy to understand and most importantly tells voters that that passing Prop 4 won't cost taxpayers a penny."

"In fact, Texans who Vote FOR Prop 4 on November 3rd will help provide a pathway for seven distinguished Texas universities to achieve academic excellence and produce good paying jobs in Texas," Blair added.

The site, designed by Houston web design firm, SpotOn Search Engine Optimization, lists Republican, Democrat and Independent supporters, donation information, FAQs, a study by economist Ray Perryman, current and relevant news clips about Prop 4, a thorough PowerPoint presentation and links to the campaign's Facebook page.


By voting FOR Proposition 4, Texas voters will establish the National Research University Fund (NRUF), a constitutionally dedicated fund available to the state's seven emerging research universities that meet specific legislative standards. NRUF will provide steady funding similar to that which has elevated both Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin to Tier One status. Best of all, funds for NRUF will be transferred from an existing-but-dormant higher education account, thereby providing important support for these future research centers without new tax dollars or bonds.

Economists estimate that every $10 million in research expenditures creates 334 new jobs, adds $8.6 million to the regional economy and generates $13.5 million in local sales.

For more information on Proposition 4 go to www.TexansForTierOne.com.

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