TGI Group

July 15, 2011 15:45 ET

TGI Group (TSPG) Corporate Update: Planned Business Developments

RED BANK, NEW JERSEY--(Marketwire - July 15, 2011) - TGI Group (PINK SHEETS:TSPG), a group of companies focusing on high-tech industries, and the company management want to address the current company business stance and address the current trading patterns of TSPG.

Mr. Henry Val, CEO of TSPG stated, "Major shareholder of TSPG brought to our attention the recent volatility regarding trading of TSPG Stock. There seems to be downward trend on the market, creating an unwanted instability of TSPG stock, and we are currently working closely with our major shareholders to protect our stock and shareholders, remedy this situation, and increase the value of our stock where it belongs."

"Besides the current stock situation, we move forward focusing on growth in several high-tech sectors. TGI Group operates four high-tech subsidiaries, TGI Solar/EKOPLAZ, Manage Vision Inc., Edgetech Systems Inc., and Worldlink Data Inc./Worldlink Group Plc. All these ventures focus on the niche industries that currently saturate media but not the market, and the ventures are well-positioned to deliver substantial growth opportunities in relatively short time. We at TSPG continue to seek viable new opportunities that will foster business growth, while our subsidiaries organically grow in their sectors. Our focus is on value."

"We urge our followers and investors to review our business model once more and realise that we are not focusing on the standard "retail" services, but at the key services for the retailers, whether its cloud computing or trading. This gives TSPG a great advantage and exposure to new business and new opportunities that other companies may never come across, and we intend to take full advantage of this fact. TSPG plans to deliver results into growth of its subsidiaries and secure a steady market growth."

"We expect to provide shareholders with regular updates to all our business achievements that are currently set to motion."


Henry Val, CEO of TSPG

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