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The 3 Best Residential VoIP Providers of 2014, Determined by

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) -  Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP, is the new and advanced way to communicate via telephone. By using the internet for communication networking instead of a traditional, analog phone system, this online telecommunication system is able to take advantage of the quickness of high speed internet for quality and clear inbound and outbound phone calls. VoIP providers are able to serve businesses as well as small to large residential customers at extremely affordable prices and with a multitude of features that usually cost extra with traditional phone services. The experts at have analyzed customer reviews, range of features, pricing, scalability, and phone speed and efficiency in order to determine the leading residential VoIP providers of the year. The top 3 residential VoIP providers of 2014 are: ITP, Phone Power, and VoIPo.


Internet Telephone Provider, or ITP, is a desirable provider to customers in need of a residential VoIP provider because of their extremely flexible service. ITP is one of the top leaders in VoIP technology because they know that in order to get business they need to offer packages that work for the customer. Their service is so customizable with a basic metered plan, at two-and-a-half cents a minute, for both businesses and phones with a low call volume (like the type of calls someone would make from their home). ITP also provides scalable unlimited plans and does not require customers to have a contract. Even without a contract, those who have more than 20 lines on the same ITP plan will receive a 25% discount up front. ITP also has a multitude of features like: hefty discounts, various unlimited international calling packages, a phone adapter included in your service plan, and is easily customized to include in the international countries that customers call most frequently. ITP has customer service that is exemplary, with real people on their technical help line 24/7 so that you can be assisted with your residential VoIP from at all times.

Phone Power

Phone Power is the second best residential VoIP provider for several reasons. There are tons of customers who are satisfied with Phone Power's services because they appeal to residences and businesses of all different sizes and with all separate needs. Phone Power has discovered the best way to balance different services and give them affordable pricing. Phone Power provides residential VoIP customers with the choice of having a long-term contract with low prices or a monthly package that is financially feasible as well. Phone Power provides straight-forward calling options, giving all customers virtually unlimited calls. Some of their exceptional features include: additional equipment, a second line, and 60 minutes of international calling.


VoIPo is included as one of the top residential VoIP providers due to their hassle-free, straight-forward business plan. Their easy to use and understand package plans are the easiest for customers to take advantage of. There are very few slight differences between residential and business VoIP packages from VoIPo. Small businesses and residential phone lines cost $15 per monthly contract or $8.25 per month for a yearly contract. Their options let the customer decide what works best for them. The features from VoIPo include: unlimited calls to the US and Canada and a fair use limit of 5,000 minutes.

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