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August 27, 2015 16:56 ET

The 9 P's of Branded Content

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 27, 2015) - Our Facebook walls and Twitter pages, LinkedIn newsfeeds and MacBook screens are often filled with the wise words and thoughts of people for whom changing with the times is nothing short of sound advice. Yet the next step is and always has been to turn that inspiration into action, and that might very well be the hard part. Accepting that you are going to have to change as the exciting turmoil of the advertising world unfolds through the info-tech era is easy. Putting that change into motion is the next step. Our 9 P's of Branded Content is a guideline for giving change that initial shove in the right direction it so desperately needs. It gives us a sense of what to expect from the trials and tribulations of modern advertising. It keeps our priorities straight and our objectives focused.


Purpose-driven content that forges company-customer unity. Branded content sees its target and fires. It doesn't merely build a strong customer base but sustains it by remaining devoted to its mission and the expectations of its customers.


Content that is indicative of a unique company tone and identity. High quality content is content that is to the point but thought provoking, simple yet full of complexity. Branded content that imparts wisdom and inspiration is not only achievable, but in fact fully within the realm of possibility and desirability for a growing company.


Knowing how to position your product in its wider competitive context defines not just what your product ought to aspire to, but its eventual success as well.


Placement is often key to a product's discoverability. This "P" of branded content sees no limit and aspires to assist brand building by delivering a product wherever it may seem suitable. An e-book, for example, need not be available for sale exclusively though Kindle (Amazon) when in fact it has wider distribution potential should it extend its reach to iBookstore (Apple), Kobo (Rakuten), and Nook (Barnes & Noble).


Today, everything is but a mouse click away. Web and app users are in search of instant gratification and marketeers need to know how to grab attention quickly and effectively. Packaging is no secondary consideration. Designers are a major cog in the wheel of marketing and the sharper the presentation, the more engaged the consumer.


Ideas are driven by idealists. Branded content is often at its best when a spokesperson or subject matter expert can own both the brand and its content by tweeting, blogging, delivering speeches that cause a rippling surge in popularity and notoriety.


Pricing your content allocates it a value. In an ecommerce landscape that is constantly fluctuating through greater accessibility and availability, pricing is often determined by the quality of the product and the reality of the market and as such flimsy prices or lack thereof are sometimes heralded by inattentiveness to a specific market environment.


A sensible premium strategy can rapidly prove itself to be a financial miracle worker in the marketplace. When account and client engagement teams use content as special giveaways to prospective clients and a "freemium" movement takes hold, a fan-base and consistent following is allowed sprout where there was none.


Promoting your content is what ultimately breathes life into it your marketing process. By extending your resources and your marketing mastery to branded content you feel wholeheartedly proud of, you effectively embody the spirit of branded content marketing. You find that by the end of it all you know your Tumblr from your WordPress, your Facebook from your LinkedIn. Embracing the Promotion "P" is accepting that you know what you're talking about and owning it.


The 9 P's of Branded Content ultimately arrive at a final, memorable P: Presence. Presence is everything. The Internet is, as Bill Gates put it: "the town square for the global village of tomorrow." Distinguishing yourself within that town square is key and the first step to doing so is advertising your ambition, uniqueness, passion and the quality of your content.

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