February 14, 2013 09:00 ET

The Adelphia Group and Blueprint Events Announce Completion of Merger

Newly Formed Blueprint Poised to Be BC's Largest Lifestyle and Events Company

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 14, 2013) - The Adelphia Management Group, Inc. and Blueprint Events are excited to announce the completion of an official merger of the companies, now operating under the name Blueprint. The merger results in the company ranking as one of the largest entertainment, lifestyle and events organizations in British Columbia and Canada abroad, offering an unrivaled scope of services and offerings.

Always at the forefront of entertainment culture, Blueprint produces over 250 artist and music-driven concerts and events annually, including large festivals and arena events, in Vancouver and other BC cities. With the recent acquisition of Shine Nightclub, and the opening of Colony Pub in Kitsilano in early February, Blueprint's properties total 5 nightclubs, 4 pubs and 3 liquor stores.

Operating out of Vancouver, Blueprint will see continued expansion, growing its nationally recognized brand to help put the city on the map amongst the best in world-wide entertainment capitals. With extraordinary focus at all levels of service, Blueprint continues to push the boundaries of innovation to provide exceptional experiences.

"The merger shows our commitment to the bigger picture, and providing a wider, more developed range of services. We've seen the appetite for entertainment increase in Vancouver, and want to respond to that demand for growth by exceeding expectations in advancing the guest experience at the venue and event level," said Co-owner Bill Kerasiotis.

Co-owner Chris Kerasiotis adds, "We have always worked hard to put out the best product and service. We have been rewarded with a loyal following and are happy to take this time to reciprocate with something more."

The merger comes following a fifteen year working relationship between Blueprint Events and The Adelphia Group. Company heads, Bill and Chris Kerasiotis of the Adelphia Group and Alvaro Prol of Blueprint Events, recognized their two organizations headed in a common direction with shared goals. They viewed an official merger as an opportunity to strip away any limitations to amplifying entertainment in the city and opening doors to expansion as a unified, all-encompassing lifestyle brand.

"After working together as business partners and friends for almost 20 years, Bill, Chris and I began to see a lot of intertwining and synergy between our two brands, so the decision to unite as one company was completely natural. This is the evolution of Blueprint, and we couldn't be more excited for what's to come," shared Co-owner, Alvaro Prol.

For Blueprint, the first notable project out of the new company's gates will be the renovations to downtown Vancouver's iconic dance club, Celebrities. The completely revamped nightclub opens doors to the public in early March, 2013.

The newly formed company has set long-term goals for expanding Blueprint events and entertainment experiences in additional cities across Canada.

About Blueprint:

Based in Vancouver, BC, Blueprint is the city's largest lifestyle and events company - dedicated to providing the best in entertainment. Always at the forefront of entertainment culture, Blueprint offers an impressive scale of clubs, over 250 blow out dance events annually, along with a boundless array of pubs and liquor stores. With Blueprint, the entertainment experience truly begins 'at the rope' and extends through every aspect including service, music, food and beverage, talent and events.

With a relentless focus on current & upcoming trends and an unparalleled passion for detail, Blueprint's goal is to continue producing the best in entertainment and lifestyle culture in Vancouver and beyond. For more information, visit

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