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November 20, 2009 03:30 ET

The Age of Global Mobility Has Come Crashing to a Halt

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 20, 2009) - Kofi Annan when he was the leader of the United Nations predicted the world was entering the second phase of the Globalisation and called it the "Age of International Mobility". He could not have been further from the truth and little could he foresee the dramatic down turn in Global Mobility since he spoke those famous words. As Governments in the UK, Australia, Canada and elsewhere finally add Immigration to the agenda and talk tough to take action on curbing inbound workers in an effort to protect their current work force. the world's leading Immigration experts believe it's too late and a pointless exercise as it can reveal over a 60% down turn in employment based Immigration globally.

Counties such as the UK, Australia, Canada and others are all planning to make Immigration more difficult in 2010 and beyond. These measures according to Liam Clifford Managing Director of Global Visas appear to show a lack of acceptance that US Immigration and Canada Immigration are already at their lowest levels that have been seen in over 10 years. While multinational companies curtail and not extend international secondments the world business expatriate communities are shrinking along with all the bonuses and perks that go with this lucrative territory to reduce costs. Individuals who want to secure a better life overseas are now finding they are trapped in their current position as they no longer have the ability to emigrate for employment and lifestyle.

The thousands of people daily who are simply looking to relocate overseas now have several added pressures and are unable to afford to move, secure a mortgage and cope with the uncertainty of looking for work overseas in a depressed employment market as jobs are proving to be elusive in most of the world's leading economies. Only the privileged few are able to afford emigrate in 2009/10. Global Visas receives over 1 million visitors per year and have offices worldwide. "Governments are correct to protect their local market." Says Liam Clifford MD but then goes on to say "Many people still want to take their skills and talent overseas. It is a shame they are now starting to be trapped by the tightening of the rules. Soon they will have no choice but to stay where they are currently and ride out tax increases, lower wages negative equity, higher interest rates or whatever else is thrown their way. Many people are now starting to feel trapped as the global problems start to bite hard."

Research shows Immigration for employment is down but nowhere more clearly or graphically than on "Google trends" where search terms like Immigration and work permit have fallen by over 60% in the last two years while other indicators of mobility such as mortgages have also dropped by a similar amount. To contract that with terms like unemployed has rocketed in the last year. So just as Governments become brave enough to address Immigration it would appear immigration is becoming a thing of the past and is self regulating. The days of Global Mobility are truly over for now at least.

In the longer term Immigration will return as opportunities open up again but as a rule companies and people do not emigrate for work unless there is a clear demand and the move will bring benefits to both themselves and the economy they go to work within. This predicted upturn should be matched by an increase in UK Visa and Australian Visa applications.

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