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June 30, 2008 13:18 ET

The Anatomy Teaching Revolution

Changing the way anatomy is taught

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 30, 2008) - Medical schools around the world, including Harvard Medical School, are transforming the way their students learn anatomy with the help of Primal Pictures, a revolutionary anatomy software programme that is taking the medical world by storm.

With cadavers in short supply, professors are looking for new ways to teach anatomy. Wayne Stuart MD, Assistant Professor at De Sales University, Pennsylvania explains: "There is much debate on the future of cadaver teaching in medical schools and they are likely to turn increasingly to software programs that simulate cadaver anatomy.

"Our students have access to the Primal Pictures software at home or in the computer lab. It is clear, accurate, and flexible and it strikes a nice balance between clarity and anatomy accuracy. It allows three-dimensional rotation, which enhances their understanding, and it has an attached text which allows them to search by keyword."

Dr Stephen Kanter, DPT, ATC teaches anatomy at Seton Hall University, New Jersey and Touro College, New York City. He has been using Primal Pictures at Seton Hall since 2003 and introduced it at Touro in 2007.

"Since access to cadavers is either limited or non-existent; having a good software programme is essential," he explains. "Studies have shown that where there is no cadaver available students still learn well with computer software and this is where the Primal Pictures software is particularly beneficial."

Dr Kanter uses the software during lectures and in lab sessions where students are given time to work with it focusing on an image and examining its structure by rotating it and removing layers. He believes that having Primal as a resource has improved their learning experience. "Primal offers a solid resource to refer back to so that the students' learning experience is more complete. The interactivity is a major advantage when learning anatomy and helps with visualisation. The range of different options available on the software is fantastic and the quizzes are a great learning tool.

"I believe that over the next 10 to 15 years it will become more common to incorporate Primal into anatomy teaching. The students who are learning on it now, will continue to use it and pass the knowledge on. I certainly wouldn't go back to my old methods now that I have discovered Primal Pictures."


Primal Pictures is a unique, dynamic human anatomy resource that provides a comprehensive range of three-dimensional images, animations and detailed text for use in healthcare and patient education.

It offers accurate clinical detail and is the only software resource to offer interactive images that rotate 360 degrees, display and label up to 24 layers for in-depth anatomical exploration.

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