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January 08, 2007 11:20 ET

The Answer to a New Mom's Cravings!

Fitness and Family Expert Sara Holliday's New "Total Body Coaching for Moms" Designed to Help Busy Mothers Get in Shape in Only 30 Days

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 8, 2007 -- Busy moms determined to finally shed pregnancy pounds in the New Year should consider a new program designed specifically to address the needs of mothers. Leading women's fitness and family therapist Sara Holliday, MFT, CPT, announces "Total Body Coaching for Moms," a 4-week jumpstart program that helps mothers of all ages reshape their body, reclaim their identity and reinvigorate their lives with clear progress in 30 days! Sara emphasizes total mind and body fitness in her new coaching program because achieving a fit and healthy body begins with a positive and healthy mindset.

While weight loss is one of the top concerns of new or experienced moms, Sara's coaching program goes beyond losing weight and addresses various lifestyle challenges that all mothers tackle on a daily basis, including managing demanding schedules, maintaining fulfilling relationships and finding balance in their lives. Offering productive therapy, support and structure along with a weight loss regimen and workout program, "Total Body Coaching for Moms" teaches mothers how to effectively make changes that contribute to a more healthy and balanced life which reaps huge benefits for both mom and family.

"A mother accustomed to catering to everyone else's needs while ignoring her own can become discouraged or frustrated over time when those stubborn pounds won't come off or those personal dreams and goals remain on the back burner indefinitely," says Sara Holliday, founder and president of Fit By Sara, Inc. "Total Body Coaching for Moms provides the support and structure needed to achieve weight loss goals combined with simple, practical tools moms can put to use right away which will create real results they can experience in as few as 4 weeks."

With "Total Body Coaching for Moms," which begins January 13, 2007, moms across the country can choose either group or one-on-one weekly coaching sessions with fitness and family therapist Sara Holliday via telephone. Each week, Sara shows mothers how to effectively reprogram their thinking to transform every aspect of their lives so that they can achieve the healthy body they deserve, boost their energy level and attain a sense of balance that enables them to effectively take charge of their busy days. The 4-week program also includes a workbook with simple exercises designed to help busy moms identify and breakdown their weight loss goal and a free "Fit By Sara: Fit For Mom" workout DVD of their choice.

Through her highly respected pre- and postnatal health and fitness programs which include popular DVD programs, workshops, personal and group instruction and training, Sara has helped thousands of mothers get their bodies back in shape and retune their minds to positively meet and surpass their goals. For more information on "Total Body Coaching Program for Mothers," contact 800-568-3820 or visit

ABOUT SARA HOLLIDAY: Sara Holliday, MFT, is a licensed fitness and family therapist and president of Fit By Sara Inc. (, a fast-growing company established to address the fitness needs of moms. Fit By Sara designs, publishes and distributes popular prenatal and postnatal products including DVDs and conducts workshops and exercise programs to help mothers of all fitness levels balance their daily lives with a greater sense of well being.

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