SOURCE: Author Steven Sarshik

Author Steven Sarshik

August 07, 2012 14:46 ET

'The Apology' Offers Biting Political Satire

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 7, 2012) - Political humorist Steven Sarshik ( takes aim at former President George W. Bush in his new satirical novel, "The Apology."

Inspired by a newspaper story about Bush, Sarshik took off with a plot that imagines the former president being arrested in Greece.

"About a year and a half ago, there was an article stating that Bush had canceled a planned trip to Europe because he feared he might be charged with war crimes if he made the trip," Sarshik says. "That was the genesis for the novel. As I wrote, I realized this difficult subject -- his administration and all its mistakes, missteps and gaffes -- was much easier to address with humor."

Sarshik, a New York City trial lawyer, has had more than 30 years' experience dealing with politically charged cases. That gives him a special perspective on political life today.

He thinks readers should judge the book by its cover -- which he loves.

"It was done by Geof Isherwood, who has been an artist for Marvel comics and can do everything from superheroes to befuddled presidents," Sarshik says. "It shows Bush locked up behind the Parthenon with his usual expression of dismay, confusion and consternation, facing war crimes charges but more concerned about missing the NFL playoffs."

In the book, Bush is arrested on a war crimes charge related to waterboarding suspected terrorists after his plane is forced to land in Athens. Bush is nonplussed. In fact, his response is to put in an order for spinach pie from a restaurant near the Acropolis.

To defend himself, he enlists the help of a beautiful Harvard business student who works part time for the CIA and comes up with an ingenious strategy: to prove that waterboarding is not really torture.

"This is a very funny look at our dysfunctional political system," writes Amazon reviewer Shelly L. "Kind of strange to say that a book about torture and waterboarding is funny, but it is. The end ... is very clever."

About Steven Sarshik

Steven Sarshik has been a New York City trial lawyer for more than 30 years, handling all sorts of politically charged cases -- much like the fictitious one he paints in "The Apology." He is also the author of "Wrongful Death," a novel about an NYC police shooting.

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