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November 18, 2015 13:59 ET

The Apple Challenge, a Call to Action for the 99%

Trading Ace to Launch the Apple Challenge the First Week of 2016

GIG HARBOR, WA--(Marketwired - November 18, 2015) - Trading Ace is reaching out to every person who feels like they're part of the 99% with a challenge that provides for a fresh perspective on creating personal financial security.

The Apple Challenge is the first in a series of 6-month long challenges designed to teach everyone how to potentially make money in the options market by investing in companies like Apple and following the right guidance. Designed with the goal of teaching novice investors while at the same time potentially providing an edge to advanced traders, Trading Ace promises to dispel all of the myths and stereotypes that surround the stock market. Founder and Lead Strategist Scott Logan said, "I'm going to start with $1,000 and by carefully executing very specific Apple option trades I'm hoping to arrive at $50,000 within 24 weeks. Trading Ace members can copy each trade if they wish via their own brokerage account, trade virtually with a paper money account, or simply observe the trade and treat it strictly as a learning tool. The purpose of these Challenges is to prove that creating financial security over a reasonable period of time in the market is no different than starting and running a business. You simply need the right guidance and a great product. In this case I'm the guide and Apple options are the product."

Mr. Logan went on to say, "I see people every few months camped out on city streets waiting in line to be the first to buy the latest Apple product. What's most disturbing to me is that despite their addiction to the brand, most of those same people have never considered using Apple to build their personal wealth. The Apple Challenge will try to show everyone that for the cost of a fully loaded iPhone 6+ you can jumpstart your investment portfolio and have Apple pay you for a change."

The Apple Challenge will serve as a simplified approach to learning how to trade very specific option strategies and how it can be done trading one of the largest and most popular companies on the planet. The Apple Challenge will specifically show members that while it's common knowledge that a person can make money when a stock is moving higher, you can in fact make money even when a stock is moving down or sideways. The Apple Challenge capitalizes on all three scenarios.

The Apple Challenge will start on January 5th or 6th depending on market conditions and only Trading Ace members will see the trades as they happen. Challenge progress reports will be available each week via and various other public outlets.


Trading Ace is primarily an investment learning site where company founder Scott Logan makes stock and option trades with his own money and within minutes of making his trade an email alert is sent to members detailing exactly how the trade is structured. Through this process members of Trading Ace are able to learn in a hands-on active environment which is the best approach to becoming comfortable with trading.

Trading Ace has a strict limit of 25,000 members and when that number is reached the site will no longer accept additional members. Keeping the base small and focused enables the company to deliver a high quality product.

Trading Ace membership pricing, when compared to its competitors, enables members to keep more of their money for investing. From now until December 31, 2015 Trading Ace has a promotional ONE-TIME FEE membership offer. For more details please visit

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