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August 25, 2011 09:05 ET

The Apple Program Changes Its Name to Orriant

Big Change for Company That Changes Lives and Health Care Costs

SANDY, UT--(Marketwire - Aug 25, 2011) - Health Behavior Innovations (HBI) is a wellness company that helps people make changes in the way they live their lives which in turn makes for big changes in health care costs. Recent analysis showed that wellness program participants had 35% lower health care costs when compared to those who did not participate. Now HBI is taking on a big change of its own. Darrell Moon, CEO of HBI, announced today that his company has changed its name to Orriant (pronounced like O'Riley).

Moon says the new name comes from Latin origins and means "to rise up."

"The essence of our mission has always been to get CEOs to rise up and get control over health care costs that have risen 114% in just the last 10 years," says Moon. "And a big part of employers being able to do that involves motivating their employees to rise up and develop a healthier lifestyle, which our wellness program has been proven time and again to be able to do, what with our 75% employee participation rate."

HBI is best known throughout the country for providing a wellness system called "The Apple Program." According to Moon, this has caused a fair amount of confusion. As a result, the company engaged brand name specialist Mark Hurst, who helped the State of Utah go through a significant re-branding process a few years ago. He was responsible for the Utah license plate phrase "Life Elevated."

"They wanted to find a name that embodied what they do as a company, and after considering hundreds and hundreds of words, I decided to make up a new word, Orriant, and the company liked it," explains Hurst.

According to Judi Harrison, the company's Sales Director, "The reception of the new name, Orriant, from our client companies throughout the country has been overwhelmingly positive."

Orriant's thousands of participants log into their confidential wellness portal daily to record how they are doing on their personal health goals. "With health care costs soaring and the majority of Americans being obese, taking gradual steps towards better health is a good thing," says Amy Shane, who trains health coaches of participants in the wellness program. "The coach's role is to help their participants develop goals to reduce their health risks. They coach their clients to enjoy a better quality of life and then support them in reaching their goals."

Paola, one of the company's health coaches, says, "It's a very rewarding experience to help someone go through behavioral changes to bring about a much higher quality of life."

One of Paola's participants, Larry Ferguson, found changing his personal health habits has made life much more enjoyable. Ferguson states, "Emotionally, I feel better and can see that the more active I am, the happier I am. I have a greater sense of accomplishment because I can do more." Ferguson is one of hundreds of employees at who participate in the program. They not only get help in living a healthier life but also receive a discount off what they pay for insurance by participating. began offering Orriant's wellness program to its employees in 2009.

Orriant is a Sandy, Utah-based wellness company that helps CEOs hold their employees accountable for their health in a fair and compassionate way. Orriant has participants in every state in the country. For more information on Orriant, please call 888 346-0990 or email

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