October 31, 2011 07:07 ET

The Ashley Neufeld Memorial Fund ResQMe™ Tool Has Helped Save a Life

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 31, 2011) - On November 1st 2009, exactly two years ago, Ashley Neufeld, 21, along with two other friends from Dickinson State University in North Dakota, sadly died in a tragic accident. Their SUV crashed into a farm pond in Stark County, ND, and submerged with the three young women still inside who were unable to escape. As a result, in honor of Ashley, a foundation was created to raise funds with ResQMe™, a 2 in 1 keychain rescue tool, which then rapidly became the safety symbol of an entire community.

The foundation was created under the name Ashley Neufeld Memorial Fund to raise funds with a customized ResQMe™ tool with her name to benefit a local sport and also to help promote safety against car entrapment. "Knowing Ashley, it was an opportunity to provide a tool to a bunch of people, so that possibly it would never happen to another family," said one of the foundation's initiators.

ResQMe™ is a keychain tool that can cut through a seatbelt and break auto glass so that a trapped person can escape from a vehicle. This fundraiser was an unexpected success and quickly became an overwhelming experience as a pure expression of amazing solidarity in the community of Brandon where Ashley grew up. Several thousand ResQMe™ units with the name Ashley Neufeld have been sold raising over $40,000.

Just this past summer, in Ashley's hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, the ResQMe™ tool helped save the life of a baby girl who was left locked inside a vehicle on a very hot day. The mother accidently left her keys inside the car with her baby still inside. She was in a total panic! People tried to help her by using rocks against the car window with no success. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan carrying an Ashley ResQMe™ tool happened to come by and was able to break the car window to free the baby.

Particularly at this time of the year our heart is in remembrance of Ashley and her two friends that left us much too young. Meanwhile we also want to express all our gratitude as her foundation has helped save a life this year. We hope that when seconds count, ResQMe™ will continue to help save more lives.

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