Inspiration Inc.

Inspiration Inc.
The Beat 92.5

The Beat 92.5

May 16, 2017 09:58 ET

The Beat 92.5 launches its first on-demand content: Inspiration Inc.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 16, 2017) - In collaboration with National Bank, The Beat 92.5 is proud to announce its first on-demand content. As of today, the first episode of Inspiration Inc. The Beat will be released. This podcast will explore the dynamic and highly inspiring experiences of local, Quebec-based entrepreneurs who dare to provoke the status quo, create new ways of doing things, and initiate change.

This ten-episode season of Inspiration Inc. The Beat will be hosted by Donna Saker of The Beat 92.5 and Davender Gupta, senior business partner and venture strategist at Amplio Strategies. Inspiration Inc. The Beat is the story of ten local business women who decided to transform their own lives and change the world. Their amazing stories have real lessons about work-life balance, sacrifice, ambition, obstacles and building the future. These brilliant women will openly share their experiences for fifteen minutes of relevant, interesting, and most importantly, inspiring success stories. Each journey being unique, each episode will have its own lesson, with one message common to them all: inspiration.

"It is with the desire of creating multichannel content to inspire our listeners that our team has chosen to integrate a podcast series such as Inspiration Inc. into our strategy. Through this podcast, we want to give our listeners the tools and inspiration to ignite new ideas and make their passion or their business a reality. Podcasts are an ideal format to reach our listeners regardless of their lifestyles and schedule. It offers us the opportunity to cover subjects in depth and thus offer complementary audio content with great added value," explains Luc Tremblay, General Manager and Vice President of Digital Strategy at The Beat 92.5.

Inspiration Inc. is the original idea and concept of Amplio Strategies inc. and Philippe Richard Bertrand, co-founder and partner at Amplio Strategies inc.

The first episode of Inspiration Inc. will be available today on:

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