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The Best 2 SIP Trunk Providers of 2014, as Determined by

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2014) - SIP trunking is an easy way to maintain and manage multimedia communication functions by using the internet to transmit signals. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking helps to improve functionality and cost-efficiency of VoIP or virtual phone systems while also allowing customers to keep their present phone system. By combining data and voice connections into a single line, SIP trunk providers use the internet to store and transfer information. SIP trunking uses onsite PBX, that you will either already have or can purchase, to route calls. The benefit of having SIP trunking in addition to PBX is that SIP trunking will consolidate your connections and increase efficiency. There are several SIP trunk providers available for businesses and residences to buy from, and the analysts at have compared feature sets, pricing, and customer reviews to provide consumers with the top two SIP trunk providers of the year.


Looked highly upon by both business and residential users alike, BroadVoice makes it easy for clients to enjoy all the benefits of Internet calling for in-house and out-of-office. has ranked BroadVoice as the leading SIP trunk provider of the year for a number of reasons. Offering three different plan types lets customers customize their SIP trunking to what works best for them. All three plans provide unlimited in-bound and out-bound calls to the US and Canada and have US-based technical service customer support. Their flexibility is appreciated by customers, as BroadVoice allows any SIP-capable IP PBX to connect to their network. Users are also able to use Asterisk, Trixbox, Shoretel, Switchvox and Talkswitch with the BroadVoice SIP trunking system, enabling users to route millions of minutes a month. BroadVoice offers new phone numbers to any companies in the US and there is no charge to transfer existing numbers to BroadVoice. BroadVoice's SIP trunking system is also T.38 compliant so it can support reliable fax over IP. BroadVoice's VoIP and SIP trunking services let thousands of users across the US use their broadband Internet connect to make and receive calls all over the globe.

8x8 Inc.

8x8 Inc. is one of the best SIP trunk providers and specializes in small to medium sized businesses. rates 8x8 Inc. so highly due to their ability to allow customers to lower calling costs without replacing their phone systems or phones. 8x8 Inc. lets customers run voice and data on the same network and save money on calls. The 8x8 SIP trunking plan saves customers calling costs by giving free calling between 8x8 extensions for companies that have multiple branches or remote working employees. There are several different service plans they offer, all with 6-second billing increments in order to help companies choose what is best suited for them. 8x8 is an award-winning digital voice network using cloud-based technology to bring their services nationwide -- reaching over 7,000 rate centers. 8x8 provides toll-free numbers to users or port existing numbers can continue to be used by clients; 8x8 puts the freedom in your hands. As one of the oldest and largest SIP trunk providers in the industry, 8x8 Inc. has the experience and dependability companies seeking SIP trunking providers want and need.

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