March 24, 2014 18:40 ET

The Best 3 Business VoIP Providers for 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2014) - For businesses that are looking to grow and expand relationships with clients, a traditional phone service provider will not do the trick anymore. With all of the advances in VoIP technology, switching over to a VoIP provider is a no brainer. Leaving behind the old phone company and switching over can save a company hundreds of dollars a month on bills. Other features include easy organization, many automatic call routing options, easy installation and so much more.

Business VoIP providers allow their users the tools to maintain and grow new business in an easy and organized fashion. Besides the cheaper rates and additional features, VoIP providers also have great packages for local, nationwide and international calls. This means that businesses that make a high volume of calls abroad, do not have to worry about tying up minutes and can talk as freely and as often as they'd like.

Choosing the right business VoIP provider can be a little tricky. Business VoIP experts at recently complied a ranking of the 3 best business VoIP providers for 2014. For their rankings, the experts used price, customer reviews, additional features and more. Here are the top 3 that came up with:

1) RingCentral

With their excellent customer service staff and their cloud base VoIP system, RingCentral was the number one choice from our experts. Upon signing up, their IP phones arrive configured and customized to the users' needs. With RingCentral, users can connect remotely and can be available at any time for their clients. RingCentral receives excellent reviews from their users who appreciate the customizable options and flexibility of their support staff.

2) Vonage

Vonage also has a highly ranked customer service staff that is highly knowledgeable of their products and services. Unlike many of their competitors, Vonage does not lock their users up into long and lengthy contracts. Signing up and getting the service installed is simple. Vonage will send the customer the Vonage Box which plugs into a phone and high speed internet connection and that's it. There are also no installation fees. Additionally, Vonage has a slew of extra features to enhance the business operations side of the call. Anonymous call blocking, voicemail, call transfer, caller ID and many more are included in one monthly price.

3) Alliance Phones

Alliance's business VoIP system is very user friendly and simple to activate. The company estimates that a user can set up their system in under 30 minutes and begin making calls. Their client staff is extremely rapid in their responses and can be reached via the phone or web site. Alliance Phones offers no contracts so that businesses can feel free to use the system for however long as needed. Also, included in the price is unlimited calling in the United States.

Upgrading to a business VoIP provider will allow for a much easier communication process between businesses. Easy accessibility and lower rates are important for businesses, especially those that are smaller or just starting up. People that are looking to learn more about business VoIP providers should visit org is an authority VoIP Provider site that offers comparison tools to help businesses and residences find the best VoIP Provider for them.

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