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The Best Call Center Software Providers of 2014, According to

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 10, 2014) - For many businesses that handle large call volumes and customer interaction, having the right call center software is essential. Call centers are the essence of customer service and these days there are great features that can add to the productivity of the employees and reflect greatly on the business in the customer's perspective.

Many providers call center software include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, monitoring, analysis, reporting and more. Call center software experts at put together a list of the best call center software providers of 2014. To determine the best, they used several different aspects of providers including customer reviews, price, standard and additional features and more. Here is the list they agreed on.


Momentum is a hosted contact center and customizable virtual call center solution. They offer real time reporting which can give up-to-the minute breakdown and analysis to improve customer satisfaction. The software is customizable and clients can alter the service to fit the needs of the call center they need. Momentum also is equipped with mobility functions so that the software can be accessed in a remote location.

8x8, Inc.

The 8x8 Inc. customer call center software helps businesses build relationships with clients in a simple and easy to use manner. They include global reach with their software. This means that customers from overseas can be served around the clock. They offer a secure network that is PCI and CPNI compliant to ensure their customers that they and their entire call center are in fully capable and protected hands.

SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions offer a predictive dialer that can increase a company's sales by 400%. By improving campaign tracking, SafeSoft can route inbound calls to the same outbound agents to allow blended campaigns. The software comes at a low cost is produced in a complete cloud based solution. SafeSoft is motivated to help their customers increase sales and marketing productivity for affordable rates.

4PSA is a leading and innovate software development company. Their VoipNow unified communications software and cloud service replaces old PBX systems with modern technology. Agents do not even need to be in the office to be able to log into the system. They can log into remotely from a mobile phone and still be able to start receiving calls from the call queue. The advanced reporting functions can assist in the optimization of business processes. Supervisors can see how many calls were missed, answered, a distribution breakdown and more.

Being able to quickly attend to a client or customer in need is essential to growing a business. If clients have trouble getting through to customer support they may leave the business they are working with. Having a call center in place with the latest up-to-date software can increase those relationships and figure out what areas will need improving. Having an organized and professional call center will keep large call volumes in check and avoid the chaos of having too many inbound calls and not enough agents to assist with them. For people looking to compare different call center providers, please go to:

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