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October 25, 2014 11:20 ET

The Best Credit Cards for Seniors, Announced by

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 25, 2014) - While seniors today are enjoying healthier, more active lives than ever before, it doesn't change the fact that most are also living on a fixed income. In order for seniors to make the most of their retirement, they need access to affordable credit. Not only do seniors need access to credit in the event of an emergency, but many transactions today require the use of credit. For example, buying online requires a credit card, and it is very difficult to purchase an airline ticket or reserve a hotel room without one.

Many credit cards offer rewards, such as cash back and travel incentives. These rewards amount to a percentage off every purchase. Even better, most credit cards come with purchase protection, which is important, especially for large purchases.

According to, a leading credit authority, here are the best credit cards for seniors:

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard

US Airways Premier World MasterCard cardholders have access to a variety of exclusive benefits. Card holders automatically receive 40,000 US Airways bonus miles after their first purchase. This is enough for a round-trip ticket almost anywhere and more than makes up for the $89 yearly fee. Additionally, cardholders earn one mile for every dollar they spend and two miles for every dollar they spend on US Airways purchases.

Furthermore, cardholders and up to four of their traveling companions can check their first bag for free on US Airways domestic flights. For frequent travelers, this is a huge money saver. Users are offered priority boarding on US Airways flights, and they can purchase up to two companion tickets for $99 each on US Airways. Not only are the travel rewards generous, but cardholders can also take advantage of 15 months 0% APR on balance transfers made within 45 days of opening the card.

Discover It

With no annual fee, customers shopping for a cash back card will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Discover it. Card holders get 5% cash back in select categories that change every quarter and a minimum of 1% cash back on every purchase they make. Moreover, card holders can get anywhere from 5% to 20% cash back at select online retailers, including the Apple Store and Macy's. Discover monitors every purchase made and will alert their customers should anything appear amiss. Their card holders can sleep easy knowing their identity is protected. Plus, users receive a free FICO score on their monthly statements.

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

New customers receive 12 months 0% APR when they qualify for the U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card. After the first twelve billing cycles, APR goes up to between 9.99% and 23.99% depending on the card holder's credit score. There is no annual fee, and credit card holders get free access to their account online, free bill pay and a free copy of their Experian Credit Score. This card offers zero fraud liability, which means that cardholders aren't responsible for any fraudulent purchases made with their card if it is ever stolen. Furthermore, customers are immediately alerted by fraud protection services if there is any unusual card activity. In addition, card members receive free automobile rental insurance every time they rent a car.

With fraud protection services, cash back rewards and travel incentives, it makes sense for seniors in the market for a new credit card to take advantage of some of the deals credit card companies offer.

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