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The Best Hosted PBX Providers of 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 27, 2014) - Figuring out ways to cut costs and be effective with time management in business and everyday life can be a daunting task. In business, it is important to make sure that every minute is used wisely and to build strong client relationships. At home, it is ideal that the time spent is used to relax and interact with family and friends.

Telecommunications plays a large role in both of these aspects of life. At work, it is important to be able to clearly communicate with clients in a quick and organized fashion. Using a VoIP provider or a hosted PBX system can increase productivity whether in the office or on the go. This allows for constant client interaction which reflects very highly on the company. The option to work remotely and still be connected to the system can increase productivity immensely and gives assurance to new or existing business partners that at any time they can be taken care of.

Experts collaborated and took several different criteria into consideration when determining the best business VoIP providers. Factored into the decision were the cost, customer reviews and added bonus features, among others. Here are the best business hosted PBX providers of 2014 as ranked by

1) Mitel

The Mitel MiCloud hosted PBX system is perfect for small or mid-sized businesses. The system is customizable, easy to use and requires little maintenance. With low subscription pricing, users can enjoy unlimited local domestic and long distance calls. The hosted PBX system will even work for the customer if power is lost in the office or the service goes offline. Mitel will handle all the calls during that period in one of their secure data centers.

2) Vonage Business Solutions

With Vonage you will not be locked into a contract. There are also tremendous saving due to that there are no installation fees and no expensive hardware to maintain. Vonage offers extensive preloaded features and add-on's to allow users to begin quickly and hit the ground running. Multiple simultaneous device, smart phone applications and a virtual receptionist are just a few of the bonuses. Vonage is accessible either at the office or even on the go. With their low domestic and international rates, businesses that use Vonage can grow as much as possible.

3) RingCentral

The cloud system that is used by RingCentral, connects reliable phone and fax service. RingCentral also offers HD video meeting, texts and conferencing as part of the cloud. The IP phones arrive already configured and loaded with additional features. The service has almost no maintenance required. The system will update itself automatically when there are new features or updates available. As with most of its competitors, connecting remotely is simple and allows for clients and the business to be able to interact in a timely manner, whenever needed. The highly adaptable features make the RingCentral cloud a strong candidate for any business looking to install a VoIP system.

The flip side of using a VoIP provider for the office is using a VoIP connection or hosted PBX at a residence. Residential VoIP providers know what is important to their customers. Clear quality and low prices will keep users coming back and leaving behind traditional landline services. The same factors above were used by our experts at to determine best residential hosted PBX providers of 2014.

1) Internet Telephone Provider (ITP)

Multiple packages are available with ITP, more than any other residential hosted PBX provider. This offers unlimited inbound calling, a month of free service and the option get to keep the original phone number. The Global plan gives users unlimited outbound and inbound calling to over 60 countries. The rates are extremely low and are far better than nearly every traditional landline provider.

2) Phone Power

The installation process is easy and takes nearly no time setting up. Phone Power will send out the free VoIP adapter and all the customer needs to do is plug in the phone to begin making and receiving calls. Phone Power provides free international minutes per month as well as the ability to retain an existing phone number. Perhaps the best attribute for Phone Power is the prepayment plan. Customers that prepay for one year will receive the second year for free.

3) MagicJack

MagicJack offers very solid quality calls for a low monthly rate. The company will even offer it's MagicJack Plus service for first time users for free for the first six months. With just an internet connection and a home phone, MagicJack is that simple to set up. Their customer service is rated as one of the best of all of the residential hosted PBX providers and the brand name recognition makes them one of the top services to consider for residences.

Whether for a home or for a business, using a hosted PBX provider is not only economically smart but it can be a lot of fun as well. More time and money can be spent on growing relationships than maintaining expensive hardware and being locked into long term contracts. Landline services just cannot compete with the advantages of hosted PBX system. People looking to compare hosted PBX systems in more detail can do so here:

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