March 18, 2014 11:49 ET

The Best Residential VoIP Providers of 2014, Announced by

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) - VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cloud-based phone system that uses the internet for communication networking. Instead of a traditional, analog phone system, this online telecommunication system uses the quickness of the high speed internet for easy and clear phone calls. Due to the endless possibilities of the internet, VoIP providers are able to serve businesses as well as small to large residential customers at a cheap price and with supple features. Experts at analyzed customer satisfaction, amount of features, phone speed and efficiency in order to determine the best residential VoIP providers of the year.


ITP is extremely flexible with their services and residential VoIP customers greatly appreciate their leniency. No matter what size and type of services you need, ITP is the residential VoIP provider that fine tunes their package to fit what you desire. In order to succeed in being so flexible, ITP provides a basic metered plan at under 3 cents per minute for any residence with a low call volume regardless of its being used in a home or at a business. ITP, which stands for Internet Telephone Provider gives clients scalable unlimited plans and this comes with no contract. Even without the binding burden of a monthly contract, ITP makes sure to give deals to those who use their services to the max. The more lines or services you purchase ITP offers specials and discounts. For instance, ITP will give your business a 25% discount up front if you have more than 20 lines on your plan with them. All packages include boosting features such as: sizeable discounts, phone adapter included in the service plan, various unlimited international calling packages, and their service is easily customized for international countries that you call the most frequently. Their customer service is great too, with tech experts on the help line 24/7 so that you can be assisted with your residential VoIP at any time.

Phone Power has observed Phone Power as one of the best residential VoIP providers due to their customer satisfaction and ability to balance a number of different service packages which brings clientele of all sizes and needs to use this provider. As a leading residential VoIP provider, Phone Power gives customers the choice to either have a long-term contract with extremely low rates or a month to month contract if you don't want such a binding contract. Just like ITP, Phone Power provides simple call options with unlimited calls to virtually any client regardless of phone lines purchase. Phone Power has plenty of free features added on to all of their package deals as well. Some of these fabulous features include: additional equipment, a second line, and 60 minutes of international calling.


VoIPo is one of the best residential VoIP providers because of their no-hassle, straight-forward business plan. Their simple package plans are the easiest for customers to figure out and take advantage of because of their intuitive and simple package deals. There are very few differences between residential and business VoIP packages from VoIPo. Small businesses and residential phone lines all cost $15 for a monthly contract or $8.25 a month for a yearly contract -- letting you decide which works best for you. Features with this provider include: unlimited calls to the US and Canada and a fair use limit of 5,000 minutes. provides detailed lists of services and packages from a wide range of providers. While ITP, Phone Power, and VoIPo are the best 3 residential providers, you can look at all the best VoIP residential providers by visiting:

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