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October 28, 2011 06:00 ET

The Biggest Flaw in Fantasy Football Ranking Is Tackled by Real Rank

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - Oct 28, 2011) - and Da Coach, Mike Ditka, are excited to introduce Real Rank, a new fantasy football ranking system designed specifically for Head to Head leagues. Real Rank evaluates more than just Win/Loss record to determine the league standings, creating a more fair and accurate rank for each team, while allowing more teams a chance to fight for the playoff chase.

In Head to Head leagues, fantasy football players everywhere have experienced the agony of missing the playoffs even though they had one of the highest scoring teams. This is a frustrating flaw of the current system. It doesn't matter how well they performed, only how good or bad their opponents were each week. With Real Rank, Win/Loss record is only one piece of the puzzle. Total Points and Opponent's Points are also used to complete a thorough evaluation of the quality and performance of a team. As a result, teams performing at a consistently high level will be rewarded with a high Real Rank.

Co-founder, Darryl Costin Jr, says, "This product can rank teams across all different types of leagues, regardless of the scoring system to see who is the best overall GM." According to Hall of Famer Mike Ditka, "Real Rank is the only fair way to rank your Fantasy Football league."

Real Rank's patent pending algorithm calculates each team's rank by comparing the Win/Loss records, Total Points, and Opponent's Points of each team in the league. These three components all work together to determine the outcome of a season and are valuable for different reasons- 1) Win/Loss record is the most important measuring stick of Head to Head leagues. 2) Total Points is the best evidence of the quality of a team. 3) Opponents' Points can make or break a team's playoff chances. By taking the data from all three components, Real Rank guarantees the same edge of your seat excitement, drama and competition of Head to Head leagues while ensuring the most deserving teams make the playoffs.

Sports enthusiasts interested in learning more about Real Rank can visit View an example league from 2010, and Fantasy Football players using Yahoo can click the "Try It With Your Yahoo! League" link to sign in and see how Real Rank would've impacted all their leagues. This product is currently in beta testing.

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