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February 01, 2010 11:56 ET

The Body Shop: Dr. Sari Locker's Hot Tips for Valentine's Day

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 1, 2010) - Valentine's Day is just around the corner and there's a good chance your husband or boyfriend might not know exactly what to get you. To help you have a sensational Valentine's Day, The Body Shop has teamed up with celebrity sex and relationship expert Dr. Sari Locker to offer tips that will get your honey on the right track. So don't leave it to "chance", give him all the tips and hints he'll need counting down to V-day.

Dr. Sari Says…

1. Declare your devotion

Never assume she just "knows" how you feel. Actions speak louder than words but words are very important, too. Sing a love song on her voice mail. Compose a love poem and text it to her. Leave erotic Post-it notes all over the bedroom. Remind her that your love is true and you adore her.

2. Be nostalgic

Give her a CD of a band you heard together, a poster from the first movie that you saw, a T-shirt from a great place you went together. Show her that everything you do in your relationship means a lot to you.

3. Hold her hand

Whether you go for a moonlit stroll, or just hold her hand as you snuggle on the couch, holding her hand all night will show her that you are there for her. Heat up the intensity by treating her to a hand massage with a stimulating hand cream or massage oil.
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4. Give her something that lasts

Give her floral perfume, rather than just giving her a bouquet of flowers. Then offer to apply it to her pulse points. Perfume will outlive any bouquet of flowers, and she can wear it to remind her of your Valentine's Day together.
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5. Create a sexy Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

Hide many small spa gifts for her to find, such as relaxing massage oil, body butter, foaming bath soak, and more. With each gift, include a clue to where she can find the next gift. The last gift leads her to the bathroom where you have drawn a foaming bath for her amid the glow of sweet smelling spa candles. Then her real gift begins as you join her in the tub.
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6. Pucker with Passion

Choose an array of various tasty lip balms to get for her. Tie them with a red bow, or put them in a heart-shaped box. Present them to her with a card that says that you want to kiss her all night long. Be sure to give yourself "kissable
lips" by using a lip balm, too.

7. Give her a sensual massage

Massage can relax a woman, but a sensual massage can make her quiver all over. For Valentine's night, set the scene with scented candles and soft music. Then guide her to the bed, undress her, and ask her to lie on her stomach. Place some massage oil in your hands, and hold it there for a moment to warm it. Next, give her a traditional back massage. After about fifteen minutes, turn it into a sensual massage by asking her to roll over onto her back. Tenderly rub her body and brush your fingers over her most sensitive areas. Don't rush. The longer you linger and the slower you go, the more erotic tension you'll build. Then when you are both ready, you can enjoy the release of all that tension.
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8. Shower her with love

Sharing a sensual shower on Valentine's night can add an erotic thrill to an already romantic day. To set the mood, keep the lights off in the bathroom, and light candles instead. Think of the shower as a waterfall at sunset, with you and your partner beneath the gushing stream. Slide your soapy hand around the curves of her entire body. Then give her a turn to suds you up with the shower gel. Savor the feeling of kissing as your mouth is filling up with water, and close your eyes to enjoy every moment of your Valentine's shower.
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9. Do it in the dark

Guys, you may love getting frisky with the lights on; yet, many women feel less inhibited in the dark. For Valentine's night, enjoy the pleasure of kissing, touching, and more – all in a room that is entirely dark. You'll be free to explore all of your *other* senses. Use your fingertips to caress every inch of her body, and delight in the sensation of touch. Ask her to wear a flavored lip balm, so you can focus on the taste of every kiss. Tell her that you are wearing a new after shave, so she can explore the new scent of your body. Listen to her breathing and sounds of pleasure to become even more turned on. You'll find out how the dark can brighten up your Valentine's night.

10. Lavish Her Locks

Give her the gift of physical affection. Give her a back massage or wash her hair. Giving pure pleasure and attention can make you and your lover both feel sexy.
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If your guy still has no clue what to do, tell him to head into his favourite location of The Body Shop where our sales team will give him expert Valentine's Day advice and help him choose naturally-inspired goodies to create a memorable evening you won't forget. See our Shop Locator at

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