The Canadian Revolution

September 09, 2009 16:28 ET

The Canadian Revolution: Campaign for Canadian Hockey Independence

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Sports Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2009) - The Canadian Revolution has started. To you with failing hands we pass the puck, be yours to shoot it high.

After witnessing Gary Bettman & the American NHL's refusal to pass the puck to Canada while continuing to extract more than $500MM annually from the Canadian hockey economy, Canada is enraged. And rightly so. The American NHL is destroying hockey in Canada!

Thus the Canadian people have decided that NOW is the moment for Canadian Hockey Independence - and the website was launched to act as a conduit through which the network of Canadian hockey patriots can collect and collaborate, with the ultimate goal being the establishment of a Canadian League by November 2010.

In addition, PLAN EH! A Canadian Model for Professional Hockey Success has been posted to the website, and outlines the rationale and reasons behind our Declaration of Hockey Independence. Canada deserves and needs a strong, vibrant Canadian League to remain the best in the world.
We invite other Canadian Hockey Patriots to join our cause - and hope that our actions will spark a national discussion on the best path forward to secure Canada's role as the best hockey nation in the world. Our national hopes and aspirations are currently tied to an organization that seems dedicated to our downfall. From franchise allocations through to player development, all signs clearly indicate the American NHL's position to keep the game away from the one marketplace that CAN actually support it.

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