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May 01, 2007 14:23 ET

The Casey Group President Shares Entrepreneurial Tips to Success

PARSIPPANY, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 1, 2007 -- Owning a company specializing in business and technology services since 1989, Richard Casey understands the concept of success... and failure. His B2B company, The Casey Group, is a Microsoft Certified Partner and an IBM Business Partner providing information technology services to companies small and large.

"If you were to look at my balance sheet and financial report today, you'd think I'm a pretty successful guy," said Richard Casey, President and CEO of The Casey Group, at a recent meeting of the North Jersey Entrepreneurs Club. "If you looked at the number of businesses I've tried and failed, you might change your mind. Personally, I like to use baseball as an analogy where three hits out of 10 at bats is outstanding. No matter how you measure it, you only need one good idea that is well executed to be successful."

Using humor and personal anecdotes, Casey shared the ups and downs of owning a business, as well as some of the most important lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur, including:

1.  See yourself in the future where your success is a foregone
    conclusion -- but bring things to market that can be successful within
    a three- to four-year period. The shorter the time horizon, the better
    your chance for success.
2.  After you consider all the critical factors like, finances, hiring,
    market conditions, competitors, etc. overlay your instinct.
3.  While instincts might tell you to move forward, spend time on market
    research to do a "gut" check. It is always better to have facts
    and data to support your decision, just don't suffer from analysis
4.  Above all, be certain that you have a passion for your business
5.  Be incremental in your investment in a new business. Invest more as you
    see positive market reactions to your product. Once you know it can
    sell, you can start adding the bells and whistles.
6.  Remember: The people you hire to help you grow your business might
    not care as much about it as you do. Give them reasons to care.
7.  If you choose to work with a partner, one of you needs to have the
    deciding vote. Otherwise you run the risk of a deadlock when a decision
    needs to be made. And I don't need to tell you to be very careful about
    your choice of partners.
Finally, Casey adds, "My family's work ethic keeps me grounded. Dad always said, 'Do your best, work hard -- and work smart.' That philosophy is the foundation of my success."

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