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June 13, 2007 11:47 ET

The Changing of the Guards -- Draeger Polytron 7000

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - June 13, 2007) - Draeger Safety Incorporated's (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) new gas detector for oxygen and toxic gases has the flexibility to deliver exactly what is required in an application. In collaboration with our customers we derived a comprehensive list of specification requirements; however, not every element is needed by each user. Draeger's solution is the design of a modular gas detector with the flexibility to satisfy current, and adapt to changing, application requirements.

Choices between different modules such as communication fieldbuses, software features, pump, relay and remote sensor modules provide the ability to customize and upgrade the Draeger Polytron 7000 to your specifications.

Usually, installation and commissioning are done by different people at different times and make up a significant cost component of a detection system. Draeger's solution was to develop an easy to install approach consisting of two components. This will avoid exposure of the sensitive measuring equipment to construction hazards.

The Polytron Docking Station is easily pre-mounted, wired and protected from the elements by a 'raincover.' When the site is ready for commissioning, the Draeger Polytron 7000 slides into the docking station and is secured by a fast-lock mechanism. No special tools or keys are required and the process takes seconds.

With the Draeger Polytron 7000 the communication to the central control system is selectable, either 4 to 20 mA and/or digital HART fieldbus. With HART, up to eight transmitters can be daisy chained on a single twisted pair. Also, LONWORKS, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus modules are available.

If the point of measurement is hard to access or it is impossible to mount, it may be necessary to pump the gas to the transmitter. Without additional wiring or extra mounting space a pump is able to fit inside the Draeger Polytron 7000. Alternatively the sensor can be mounted up to 30 m / 100 ft away from the transmitter. To measure gas inside the air stream of a duct different duct mount kits are available.

Specialized, optional software dongle modules tailor the transmitter to fit specific applications:

-- Sensor Self Test Function continuously performs patented sensor tests to ensure reliability and integrity of the gas detection system.

-- Sensor Diagnostic Function continuously evaluates the 'health' of the sensor. Now predictive sensor maintenance is possible.

-- Datalogger and Eventlogger Function for continuous recording of gas concentrations and events, which can be downloaded and evaluated on a PC. As requested by many operators, a 15-minute on line concentration graph can be shown on the transmitter display by a push of a button.

With the optional alarm relay module, the transmitter is able to operate as a stand-alone unit. This allows installation of alarm devices at the point of detection, without having to run signal wires to a central controller and power wires back to strobes or horns.

For the use in classified, hazardous areas the Draeger Polytron 7000 has worldwide ATEX, UL and CSA approvals.

Safety system design is also placing more focus on SIL (Safety Integrity Level) standards. Designed and verified to SIL standards the Draeger Polytron 7000 is suitable for SIL 2 applications leaving sufficient margin for other safety relevant devices needed to complete the system.

The flexible, modular concept of the Draeger Polytron 7000 firmly puts the choice back into the customers' hands.

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