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Multiculture Bevco

February 17, 2009 11:02 ET

The chilling facts about vodka

Ultra Premium vodkas are even better when served cold

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, City Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2009) - Serving vodka chilled brings out the best in both the flavour and texture of vodka and may be a primary reason for its surge in sales and growing market demand.

Globally, sales of spirits are expected to reach $202 billion by 2012, an increase of 11.1 per cent from 2007, according to a study by So, it is no surprise that vodka, a major player in the global spirits market, is also seeing increasing sales.

Why the growing love affair with vodka?

A lot can be contributed to the growing number of young people who drink nothing else but vodka. Perhaps it's the TV series, and recent movie, Sex in the City that is largely responsible, or the resurgence of a younger and more physical James Bond played by Daniel Craig that has popularized the martini. Whatever the reasons, since the 50's, the martini and all its many compliments, have never been so popular.

As this group ages, they're staying committed to being true vodka drinkers, only now recognizing the noticeable difference in taste, they're switching up to Ultra Premium vodka brands, especially when drinking it straight up just like Ukrainians and many Europeans do.

"Vodka consumers are recognizing that they don't have to settle on vodka brands that leave a medicinal aftertaste and burning at the back of the throat," says John Vellinga, president of Multiculture Bevco - Canadian owner and distributor of Slava Ultra Premium Vodka. "Choosing Ultra Premium brands of vodka changes all that - serve it chilled; the colder the better - and you have an experience that's without comparison; smooth, no medicinal aftertaste, and only gentle warmth at the back of the throat."

Connoisseurs, recognizing the superior benefits, like to keep vodka in the freezer, as super-chilling vodka enhance the smoothness and create a lovely, viscous consistency.

Understanding these facts and trends has helped companies market their product more effectively.

"For example, Slava Ultra Premium Vodka understood from its conception that vodka was meant to be served chilled, and as a result it was marketed with a practical triangular shaped bottle design," says John Vellinga. "The idea was to create a bottle that wouldn't roll around in the fridge or freezer, and if space was at a premium, the bottles could be stacked."

So here are some tips to making a superior chilling martini. Use only chilled high quality vodka; chill-out your glasses; don't use artificial, sickly-sweet additives, instead, to flavour the drink, use natural and fresh ingredients; use exotic fruits and other garnishes to make a martini more flavourful; to infuse the drink with a bit more flavour, put in a shaker; and shake thoroughly but not too hard.

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