The City Cholesterol Challenge

June 05, 2005 02:00 ET

The City Cholesterol Challenge: When is 4.9 better than 5.7?

LONDON, ENGLAND--(CCNMatthews - June 5, 2005) -

Attention city/business desk and healthcare editors

...when it's your cholesterol level, that's when.

Hundreds of city traders and bankers have been tracking something other than share prices recently thanks to the Flora pro.activ City Cholesterol Challenge, a heart health initiative designed to challenge London's city workers to invest in their heart health.

Five major financial organisations took part in the challenge, which tested the cholesterol of over 500 City employees. Quite simply, those who wanted to lower their cholesterol were asked to follow a heart healthy lifestyle plan for 3 weeks and were then retested.

The results? - By making small diet and lifestyle changes, they successfully lowered their cholesterol by an average of 15% and therefore significantly improved their long term heart health prospects.

Why is the heart health of the city or the UK workforce so important?

Poor heart health costs the UK economy Pounds Sterling 1.75bn in health expenditure terms and Pounds Sterling 5.3bn in economic terms, through lost productivity. As cholesterol is a key indicator of good heart health, consider the potential improvement to the nation's health and therefore the health of the economy if similar results were achieved on a national level.

Similarly, in a study into 'The cost-effectiveness of cholesterol-lowering therapies Dr Andrew Walker, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, University of Glasgow, said "Population-wide diet interventions to lower cholesterol levels compare favourably with primary and secondary prevention interventions."

Dr Jonathan Belsey, Researcher in Evidence Based Medicine, comments "If everyone in the UK aged 35-65 lowered their cholesterol by the same amount as those in the City Cholesterol Challenge, one might expect to see a significant benefit to heart health over five years. In the initial phase, this could result in an annual saving of around Pounds Sterling 820m, building towards Pounds Sterling 2.5 billion per year as the effects began to impact on longer term care and lost productivity costs."

Please note: City Cholesterol Challenge will be at The Arena, Broadgate Circus, 7th June 8-8pm hosting a Heart Health advisory service and free cholesterol.

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