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November 06, 2011 20:17 ET

The City of Oshawa Goes Green

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 6, 2011) - Business Review Canada takes a look at how the City of Oshawa, Canada is going green. In 2002, 10 municipalities in the greater Toronto area joined in the "Mayors' Megawatt Challenge." The program was a call to action for regional cities to take a proactive stance on energy efficiency, and represents a population of over eight million people. By 2003, Oshawa began inputting data for benchmarking purposes into a database maintained by Enerlife Consulting, which allows the City to run savings reports.

"Municipalities have unique buildings," says City of Oshawa Senior Environmental Coordinator Suzanne Elston. "When you look at comparative data around energy you need to be able to benchmark. It's difficult to benchmark when you have a one of a kind building. With this challenge, we are able to identify like buildings so we can judge if we're performing well or poorly. It allows us to gauge energy performance. We have 23 buildings in the Mayors' Megawatt Challenge, which represents over 80 per cent of our energy footprint."

Oshawa has partnered with local schools to offer students practical field experience while providing the City building audit services at a fraction of the cost. "We have an excellent working relationship with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College and we're utilizing the technology they're studying in some of our buildings," notes Oshawa Mayor John Henry. "We use the graduating class of energy auditors from Durham College to audit our buildings for about 10 per cent of what it would have cost us to bring in contractors. We're willing to establish this unwritten partnership that is working for not only the Universities, but the City of Oshawa as well. It allows the students to put our name on their resume."

"Energy" Ernie Davies, Manager of Oshawa's Office of Energy Management Program, notes, "In the savings report of 2008 versus 2005, we have a savings of 20.7 per cent for 16 buildings, versus Toronto at 11.6 with 12 buildings. This saved 3,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions."

Oshawa's Mayor has also issued the "Mayor's Great Garage Challenge," a first-of-its-kind program encouraging residents to clean out their garages and donate old goods to charity. The idea is to allow vehicles to actually fit in the warm garages, so during the long cold winters, drivers can comply better with the City's anti-idling laws and keep the City's streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians and service vehicles.

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About the City of Oshawa

Founded in 1850 around a natural inland deepwater harbour, the City of Oshawa is home to 152,000 residents in Canada's Durham region. Located just 60 kilometres east of Toronto, the City is diverse, boasting three universities, two community colleges, a port and an airport. It is also home to major corporate interests like General Motors Canada, where the all-electric Chevy VOLT was designed. For the last decade, Oshawa has made it a point to boost energy efficiency throughout the City, and is incorporating both familiar and unique methods for doing so.

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