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February 20, 2007 06:30 ET

The Clipper Group Identifies Nexaweb as a Leader in Enterprise Web 2.0 Applications

Analyst Firm Explains Nexaweb's Enterprise Web Application Leadership Through Flexible, Open Product Platform and Deep Expertise With Over 5,000 Successful Deployments at Large, Highly Dispersed Enterprises

BURLINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2007 -- Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., provider of the leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications, today announced that a new, independent research report by The Clipper Group discusses Nexaweb's Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform and its ability to integrate disparate business applications and processes into a "smooth composite, single user interface" for end users anytime, anywhere.

The report titled, "Nexaweb Enhances the Delivery of Business Processes to Those who Use Them" (The Clipper Group - January 2007), discusses how Nexaweb specializes in complex workflow components and integration with various backend systems, allowing enterprises to better use legacy assets and provide the IT service delivery model needed to improve revenue and increase ROI. The report identifies key product functionalities, including on-and-offline functionality, a strong development environment, and extensive platform interoperability required for seamlessly tying disparate business applications and processes together.

"Nexaweb's componentization of the client-side of the IT infrastructure adds a welcome layer of flexibility to enterprise operations," wrote Anne MacFarland, director of data strategies and information solutions for The Clipper Group and the author of the report. "Many Web 2.0 vendors focus on building user interfaces, AJAX pop-ups, and client-side components. Nexaweb addresses the wider challenge of both providing a usable, familiar interface and productively connecting with the full array of application functionality needed. It provides what is in effect the invisible glue to make enterprise processes work as needed -- wherever they are needed."

"Today's companies are looking to tightly integrate business assets, processes and applications, including legacy systems, under one powerful, secure Internet delivery platform," said Chris Heidelberger, CEO at Nexaweb. "The objective research report from The Clipper Group further validates Nexaweb's focus on the enterprise and confirms that we're in the best position to fulfill this need. We have demonstrated success with various Fortune 500 companies, by supporting end-user needs whenever and wherever they may be."

Key findings surrounding the core components of Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform include:

Universal Client Framework™ (UCF)

The report illustrates how the zero-install framework manages client-side application presentation (Java-, AJAX- and desktop-based versions), enabling enterprises to build applications once, and deploy anywhere. "The ideal client is thin enough to fit nicely in any host, be it a desktop, laptop, PDA, or cell phone and thick enough to hold the business logic needed to provide application functionality when disconnected from the network. Nexaweb clients have all these features. For any given composite application, a data center administrator can decide how much business logic to put on the client, based on the device involved and the user's role," explained MacFarland.

Internet Messaging Bus™ (IMB)

The industry's first Internet Messaging Bus™ intelligently manages communication between Web servers and clients, providing consistent application performance over any bandwidth and any kind of network. "The Nexaweb Internet Messaging Bus guarantees message delivery at whatever bandwidth is available, and also when connectivity is restored if it is cut off," wrote MacFarland.

Enterprise Data Services (EDS)

Enterprise Data Services are a set of J2EE 2.3-compliant resources that intelligently manage all elements of application presentation and enterprise integration. In the report MacFarland comments: "Nexaweb's Enterprise Data Services are servlets that facilitate the flow from the presentation front-end to the data center back-end. These servlets are a front-side service-oriented architecture that lets you decouple the presentation specifics from the application -- allowing both elements to evolve without undue distress on either side."

Nexaweb Studio

Nexaweb Studio is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables visual, drag-and-drop EW2.0 application development. As part of her analysis, MacFarland commented: "Enterprise developers can wrap and Webify safely with Nexaweb Studio. The object orientation and declarative programming mode allows new components to be prototyped quickly, while also supporting the entirety of the application lifecycle with a WYSIWYG approach."

Apache XAP

XAP is an open source declarative framework for building Enterprise Web 2.0 applications podling project being championed by Nexaweb. It enables the richness and functionality of desktop software in a browser environment, leveraging the power of Ajax, and significantly lowering the complexity and cost of code development and maintenance. In the report, MacFarland explains "XAP supports a declarative Ajax runtime as well as declarative data binding and UI modification."

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