SOURCE: The College Network

May 25, 2012 23:19 ET

The College Network Is Where to Go for Education & More

SYRACUSE, NY--(Marketwire - May 25, 2012) - Scholarships and opportunities are available en masse for college students who want that College Network feel but don't have the funds available for school. Every single university and school provides networking events, opportunities, and advice for how to excel in the real world. Onondaga Community College provides its students with The College Network to connect and excel with their peers, an essential for students, and is expanding their opportunities for the incoming fall class.

A recent City data thread detailing the best geographic location for those looking to excel in a strong university setting whether it's in the San Francisco Bay area, Indiana, or Boston, Massachusetts has created a spark for where one needs to go when looking for "The College Network" that is going to best suit their overall academic needs.

Digital College-Networks are sprouting up as well, giving students the opportunity to promote their brands and or skills to land a job once they are out of school.

Even the twitter sphere is rampant with talks about the best place to go for furthering your education. Recent tweets from The College Network, a company that provides educational services for nurses and other advanced degrees for those who do not have time for traditional education, are providing certifications and degrees with top ranked schools in the Midwest, for those who are too busy to sit down in the traditional class room for 40 hours a week at a time.

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