SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

September 02, 2009 14:19 ET

The Common Denominator of Sophisticated Solutions

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 2, 2009) - Computing technology has certainly come a long way. To the relatively simple CPU-memory-disk configuration, we can now add all kinds of sophisticated solutions to aid us in safe, fast and cost-effective storage, such as RAID, NAS (Network Attached Storage), VMs (Virtual Machines) and SANs (Storage Area Networks). The common component to all of these is the hard disk drive -- and to provide additional assistance these continue to grow in capacity, shrink in footprint and plummet in price.

Because data is saved and is manipulated through hard drives, it still suffers from one basic malady however, despite all the technical advances: file fragmentation. In fact, because disk capacities have grown and because many steps are added to simply saving and retrieving data, fragmentation has more of an impact than ever. Add to this the fact that most servers are under demand 24X7 and the sheer volume of data being manipulated has grown many times. It can readily be seen that fragmentation, if not properly addressed, will continue to be a costly factor both in system performance and reliability.

Today, the only effective way to address file fragmentation is with a solution that consistently eliminates it invisibly, in the background. That solution is Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag.

"Diskeeper Corporation has always kept their promise on making sure that the drives are always set to peak performance," said Steven Bond of HBR Solutions in Aberdeen, New Jersey. "Whether we run the product under a NAS, SAN or DAS [Direct Attached Storage], Diskeeper has proved that it can manage any type of hardware design or configuration including virtual servers."

With its proprietary InvisiTasking® technology, Diskeeper utilizes only otherwise-idle resources to continuously address fragmentation -- with no negative impact on the users. There is never a need for scheduling, and system performance and reliability are always maximized.

Because it substantially reduces the wear and tear on hard drives, Diskeeper also makes it possible to delay costly hardware upgrades. "As for the NAS, DAS and SAN results, our analysis pertains to clients who had the hardware in place and were looking at upgrading their hardware," Bond added. "However, once we installed and configured Diskeeper on those systems, we saw performance that went up to nearly 40 percent on the same hardware platform."

No matter the technology, fragmentation will always be a problem. With Diskeeper fully automatic defrag, however, that problem is made a non-issue from installation on out.

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