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British Gas

June 15, 2012 04:00 ET

The Different Boilers Available

There are different boiler systems available for customers with different needs.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 15, 2012) - For many people, their boiler is just that - a boiler. However, there are many different types of boiler systems that cater to different needs. By making sure you have the right one you could save on your energy bills while also helping the environment.

There are a range of British Gas boilers to suit every energy plan and requirement, so why not upgrade your old boiler system with some of our new boilers? Even better, if you make an appointment before June 30 to have a new boiler installed by British Gas, you can benefit from the £400 scrappage discount currently on offer.

Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are among the latest innovations in boiler technology. As in a conventional boiler, fuel is burned and the hot gases produced are passed through a heat exchanger where much of the heat is passed into water, raising the water's temperature. In regular boilers much of the heat is wasted as water vapour. However, condensing boilers are able to use this condensation to continue to heat water in the boiler - hence the name.

By using its larger heat exchanger, a condensing boiler is capable of heating water more efficiently and at a considerably lower cost than a non-condensing boiler does. British Gas states that condensing boilers are 88% efficient. Their efficiency means that they use less gas and therefore cost less to run. They also produce less carbon dioxide so are more environmentally friendly.

Combination boilers

Another type of boiler you may want to consider upgrading to is a combination boiler. They are becoming increasingly popular and offer a range of benefits to the consumer. They are very economical because they heat water on demand, which means less energy is wasted heating water that isn't used immediately.

It also means that with a combination boiler there is no need for an external water storage tank to hold heated water. This in turn means that they take up less space in your home, so are perfect for small houses or flats with only one bathroom, or for freeing up storage space when you remove your water tank from the attic. They are also the only type of boiler that provides constant, instant hot water.

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