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June 25, 2013 13:00 ET

The Dirt on How USA Climate-Change Believers Influence Cleaning

Increasing Numbers of American Climate-Change Believers Are Influencing Methods and Products in Cleaning, Maintenance, and Landscaping Says Universal Site Services

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - June 25, 2013) - In May 2013, researchers from George Mason University's Center for Climate Change and Yale University announced that 58% of Americans now believe in climate change and want the government to take action to respond to it.

"There are certainly more and more clients who are anxious to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment," affirms Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services. "This demand has, in turn, influenced our company's response to climate change as well as to local environmental concerns as we work to keep our customers happy."

One of the inventors of the regenerative air parking lot sweeper, Universal Site Services helps keep local air clean, which pleases climate-change believers and non-believers alike, as do the company's efforts to reduce the contamination of local waterways from parking lot, construction site, street, and roadway toxic runoff.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes a resource guide for green parking lots that outlines how storm water runoff can be managed by water gardens, redirection and filtering methods, parking lot surface selections of porous or permeable materials, as well as landscaping choices that reduce the need for toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

"Everyone is pleased about the protection of local water and air which directly reduces the factors that contribute to climate change whether that is a particular goal of the client or not," Mrs. Vella says, "Many clients request 'green' maintenance programs which means cleaning products and methods that address both local environmental objectives and global climate concerns as well."

People are becoming more vocal in their request for cleaning products and cleaning methods that are effective without adding unwanted substances to the air or the water. To conform to these demands, cleaning products need to be made of materials derived from renewable resources, be biodegradable, have a zero hazard rating, a neutral ph (close to seven), and either low levels of dye and fragrances or none at all. The operation of cleaning equipment must remove contaminants without adding other pollutants or cause them to spread, which protects the young, the old, and the vulnerable, as well as the planet.

Whether the concern for environmental protection is prompted by the American climate-change believers or by citizens who wish to keep local air and water free of pollutants for health reasons, the practical solutions are identical. Everyone benefits.

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