April 03, 2014 04:17 ET

The End of Winter and the Beginning of Spring: Is It Time For a New Beginning?

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As winter concludes and spring begins, the world around you undergoes a change. Yet, your life doesn't change much. Day after day, you go to work or school or take care of your to-do list. You don't stop to consider if it's time to change your routine. A more rewarding future may be just within reach, if only you knew it was time to embrace change. A spiritual advisor has the foresight and skills necessary to coach you to a new beginning in your life, if that's what your destiny has in store for you.

A New Career

Forbes reports two million Americans quit their jobs each month. How do people find the courage to do so, especially in a bleak market for finding a job? A spiritual advisor can tell if the unhappiness you're currently feeling with your job is a sign that it's time to move on, or if things will improve significantly at work if you approach your day differently. If she suggests a new career, she'll tell you whether to pursue higher education before looking, and may even divine which career path is most likely to bring you fulfillment.

A New Romance

Whether you're single or feeling like something's lacking in your current relationship, a spiritual advisor has the insight to feel out where your soul mate may be. He may discover you're with your soul mate right now, after all, and that the two of you need to open up new pathways to better communication to make it through a rough patch. Or he may find that there is someone else out there for you, and that you'll never meet that person if you don't commit to seeking a new romance right now. Your spiritual advisor will give you love tips for how to meet that new person, whether your true love is among the people you currently know or is someone new, a person currently seeking love as you should be.

A New Hobby

Maybe your career and love life aren't the root of that nagging feeling of unhappiness at the back of your mind. Perhaps all you need is something adventurous or comforting to fill your spare time. A spiritual advisor may discover that you need to find an activity that lets you feel passionate about what life has to offer. She'll suggest different new hobbies that relate to your individual interests; try them out and find something new.

A New Home

Is this the year you move to some place where winter isn't so harsh? Should you move across the country to be with someone you love or to take a new job? A spiritual advisor will have the insight to guide you to the correct decision when it comes to a big move, whether it's across town or to another country.

Some people commit to drudgery and routine, not knowing a better life is passing them by. Look at the change in seasons as a sign to change your life. Whether your spiritual advisor thinks it's time for you to change just one area of your life or she sees signs you need an entire life makeover, having her available through online video chat may be just what you need to summon the courage to make important changes.

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