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January 24, 2013 09:00 ET

The Endless Battle Against the Undead, 'Undead Slayer' Launching January 24th

SEONGNAM-SI, KOREA--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2013) - NHN Corporation (KSE: 035420)

  • NHN globally launching a mobile hack-and-slash action game 'Undead Slayer'
  • A Smartphone Action Game with PC Game Quality
  • Simple touch movements, 20+ skills, 90+ battlefields, high level of completeness
  • Planned and developed by one single developer, which is unbelievable

Today, NHN Corporation (KSE: 035420) has announced that they will be globally launching the mobile hack-and-slash action game 'Undead Slayer' that has PC online game quality.

The background of 'Undead Slayer' comes from a Chinese empire where the zombie hunter named 'Xiahou Dun' is battling against the undead while he is trying to save his brother's (Cao Cao) life from a strange disease. Players will be able to experience splendid action battles with easy and simple touches on the screen.

The most impressive point about 'Undead Slayer' is that this high quality game was planned, developed, and put into graphics by only one single developer. 2 days after its initial launch in Korea, players gave top ratings to the game, and it immediately ranked No.1 in the Korean App Store.

One touch does it all! Easy game controls by touching the screen
Traditional smartphone action games used a virtual pad, where users needed adaption time in order to get used to the controls. However in 'Undead Slayer', you can move and attack enemies by simply pressing the screen once, and not even needing to click the screen twice. For this reason, new players who are first playing the game can enjoy the title with no difficulties.

The best game impact through 20+ splendid skills
The most appealing part about 'Undead Slayer' is where you can massively kill the undead by using 20+ fancy skills. Players can experience battles they have never seen on traditional smartphones through skills that you can equip by simply pressing the assigned slots for each skill.

Variety of maps and 90+ battlefields
By advancing to the next battle by clearing each battlefield, 'Undead Slayer' has 90+ battlefields where your mission is to guard the food supply wagon, a siege battle where you attack the enemies' castle, battles with boss zombies, and many more. 

From planning to development, a game made by a single developer
'Undead Slayer' is developed by one single person, starting from planning, graphics, sound, and development. The developer included every content of an RPG game into a smartphone, which includes dungeons, siege battles, upgrading equipment, achievements, pets, and collections.

For more information about 'Undead Slayer' and NHN, please visit its official website (gameplay)

About the developer 'Hidea'
'Undead Slayer' developer Hidea has been founded in 2012, and is a one-man development company by the founder Dong-kyu Kim. Dong-kyu entered the online game industry in 2004 during college, and started in graphic design. With the smartphone industry's advance and his experiences in the game development, he started developing his own games in 2011. In 2012, he developed the smartphone action game 'Undead Slayer' and signed a publishing agreement with NHN, South Korea's largest Internet portal company.

About NHN Corp.
NHN Corporation (KSE: 035420) is the No.1 Internet firm in South Korea, with main business focusing on the search engine NAVER, and the game service HANGAME, which has the largest user pools among Korean game portals. With its great success in PC domain, now the company is seeking to expand onto mobile business. Launched in June 2011, the mobile messenger service 'LINE' attracted more than 100 million users globally (as of January 2013) with a strong presence especially in Japan and Southeast Asia. NHN has also launched over 15 smartphone games in Korea, and expects to become a top global smartphone game publisher with 'Undead Slayer' and other upcoming titles. For more information visit:

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