SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

November 13, 2008 10:48 ET

The Energy Savings of Fully Automatic Defrag

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 13, 2008) - For many years, the mantra of computing was, "More Power!" With full attention on achieving breakneck processing speed, only secondary notice was paid to the actual amount of energy consumed as records were broken again and again. Vendors hastily incorporated the new, faster chips into their designs and rushed them to market, where companies eager for that extra competitive edge snapped them up and burned midnight oil getting them online.

But then increasing amounts of attention began to be paid to soaring costs as well as harmful emissions resulting from energy consumption. Silicon Valley took notice, and in 1992 evolved the "Energy Star" rating for computers that were more energy-efficient. In 2006 this rating was revised to include stricter requirements and, concurrently, new technologies such as virtualization were evolved to save and reduce resources. "More Power" as a mantra has now evolved into "More Efficiency" -- the idea being to achieve ever-increasing performance with less.

File fragmentation, a natural fact of life on all computers, is itself an energy waste. Considerable power is expended when a hard drive has to retrieve a file in hundreds or thousands of fragments, and other components such as CPU and memory also suffer.

Scheduled defragmentation, for many years used to address the issue, is no longer adequate. In between scheduled runs fragmentation continues to build, impacting performance and wasting energy. And because many servers must now operate 24X7, maintenance times for defrag have become more difficult to come by, and in some cases those scheduled runs aren't happening at all.

The best solution to fragmentation -- and the resulting energy waste -- is the fully automatic defragmentation provided by Diskeeper Corporation with InvisiTasking® technology. Because defragmentation is consistently done, files can always be accessed in as few fragments as possible. Not only is performance steadily maximized, but considerable energy savings are achieved all across the enterprise as well.

In fact, an independent test conducted by 3D Professor showed that the use of Diskeeper® software with InvisiTasking technology saved $3.22 per year for each PC. As an example of how much this can save a company, at 500 PCs that comes out to $1,610.00 annually. Since servers consume far more power than PCs, those savings would escalate considerably in most corporations.

Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking technology allows Diskeeper to defrag whenever otherwise-idle resources are available. Files are constantly defragmented, there is never negative performance hits because of defrag runs, and scheduling is never required. Your systems are always at their top speed -- and their most energy-efficient.

To those considerable measures your company is already making to save power and reduce costs, add Diskeeper's fully automatic defragmentation.

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