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September 22, 2015 07:00 ET

The Evolution of the Gaming Industry, Executive Leaders and Media

C-Suite TV Talks Staying Relevant by Constantly Evolving During a Series of Interviews With the Founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, Navalent's Ron Carucci and Media Ecologist Jack Myers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 22, 2015) - Executive Perspectives, one of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV, has announced their upcoming episodes for September. Executive Perspectives will feature an in-depth interview with the Founder of Atari (and Chuck E. Cheese), Nolan Bushnell, who talks about the evolution of the gaming industry as a business. Additionally, Hayzlett talks to Ron Carucci, Managing Partner at Navalent, about the importance of executive transformational change and media ecologist Jack Myers talks changes in the media industry.

Nolan Bushnell is known as the founder of two of America's most recognizable brand names: Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. Bushnell talks about how no one in the 1970's thought games were a business and, despite capital constraints, he was able to revolutionize the gaming industry and help shape it into the profitable empire it is today. Bushnell argues that the gaming industry has taken the characteristics of the movie industry -- with sequels, major franchises and innovation. Despite its profitability, Bushnell highlights how success in the gaming industry translates into understanding how to keep costs down & really understanding customer acquisition costs.

Despite his success with these two companies, Bushnell sold Atari for $28 million, because he gets "bored" when things are "working well." He is constantly searching for new things to "mess with" and always looking for that next project he can transform into something bigger and better.

Ron Carucci, the Owner and Managing Partner at Navalent, is a seasoned consultant with over 25 years of experience pursuing transitional changes for companies and their c-suite leaders. Carucci tells Hayzlett how hard it is for some leaders to transform and adapt to changes, as c-suite leaders aren't always receptive to change. Organizations, he argues, are "nothing but containers of tension and conflict," and if leaders haven't designed their organization to handle conflict, it could have a paralyzing effect on the entire organizational structures. Carucci stresses that just because a leader "makes it" into the c-suite doesn't mean they've achieved a pinnacle in their career and they have nothing more to learn. On the contrary, there's always room to evolve and transform the industry, whatever industry it is.

Jack Myers is a Media Ecologist, and as such, he studies media agencies and how these agencies are choosing to spend their media money and on whom they are choosing to spend their money on. The emergence of digital video and the Internet of things (IoT) are massive industry game-changers, as marketing data can come from a multitude of sources. The data is all about the usage, the interpretation and the application of data and this is how media agencies need to position themselves in order to evolve within the industry. Myers has noticed the changes in the bigger media landscape as well. Many networks have moved from a more traditional, impression-based model to a performance-based model, therefore continuing to capitalize on all the emerging trends.

All episodes of Executive Perspectives are hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett and can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

"It's not every day you get to speak to a business legend like Nolan Bushnell and I'm very excited to share with our audience his business philosophy. Bushnell is always 'ON,' which is a characteristic Steve Jobs had. I'm inspired by people who have achieved a high level of success, leave it behind and start again from scratch," Hayzlett said. "Change is hard for everyone, but these guys have had to constantly evolve and find new ways to succeed in their respective businesses. Whether it's reinventing themselves personally, their businesses in general or their business perspective, I think our audience will find their perspectives useful."

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