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March 30, 2012 05:22 ET

The Evolving CV-Experience as Good as New in Employment Market, Say Guardian Jobs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 30, 2012) - In today's employment market, where there is a great change in security, it pays to have a CV that showcases a wide range of talents and skills that are transferable from job to job. This Darwinian mentality holds true in today's digital environment because; candidates are able to pool together a rich tapestry of old and new skills, attributes and experience that retain their value in an ever fluctuating world of work.

Remember all the pieces matter: skills and experience from a range of cross-sector and cross-business-functions count and should be promoted, whether they were gained in the work place or not. Each skill or experience should be described to enable to recruiter or employer to see how the applicant matches the job description.

Before a CV edit, Guardian Jobs would advise candidates to consider accumulated skills and the worth that they can hold for future jobs. A dilemma employees can find themselves in is a need to make a jump from one sector to another. However, they may be surprised to learn just how transferrable a certain set of skills or experiences are. If the focus is on the skills and not on the sector it's easier for candidates to transition between industries. Technical skills eg finance, budgeting, and adeptness with spreadsheets are valuable skills in a range of roles from retail banking, to fundraising (for charities, schools, healthcare trusts) and marketing. Likewise, moving from private to public (or vice versa) need not be a giant hop, skip and jump. The experiences and skills gained in the public sector are equally valuable in the private sector. What's important is that jobseekers highlight skills, experience and projects and avoid listing work histories as by sector responsibilities. Many professional networks, such as LinkedIn, enable candidates to update their profiles with recently completed projects. Care should be taken that nothing confidential is disclosed, but equally the added promotion of a 'new venture' via a professional network is something that most businesses and organisations would be happy to get.

Like any good business, a good CV is the product of evolution. As part of this Darwinian process, Guardian Jobs would advise that candidates run their CV past trusted 'business' or 'work' people as they are likely to critique it better than family and friends. Because of the age we live in, most, if not all, are digitally literate. Consider including public profile URLs or Twitter, or blog domain names if appropriate to the application.

Though this approach may seem like a bit of a grind, regularly updating CVs make short work of the job application process, are useful at the line manager review stage, if applying for a promotion with a current employer, if thinking of free lancing or consulting roles, if considering redundancy or conversely pitching to stay in a current role. And neatly avoid the 'big bang' without missing out on evolution.

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