The Financial Show

The Financial Show

November 23, 2015 10:16 ET

The Financial Show: Financial Show is Home of 'Show me The Money' Must See Video

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 23, 2015) -

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The Financial Show

Money is a perfect subject, excellent title, always newsworthy informative, educational and attracts and retains the attention of the exact target market.

Enter The Financial Show just because it needs to exist. It is a simple and interesting format to know more about 'you and your money' the concept and the trademark.

There are lots of great stars including money and the people, players, companies, governments and organization. Its a never ending, going concern and to keep your eyes on the money The Financial Show will prove to be synonymous with and the destination place for Show me the Money! In fact the producers promise more and better news, reviews and interviews with the same premise of helping you make, save and preserve more of your hard earned money.

Top Canadian financial authors, writers, bloggers and industry professionals are dedicated to the simple truth and helping with the news, information and straight goods on both money and savings.

We are all about the money because it is indeed all about the money. We know that content is king and good financial content is worth money. We need your help in creating a grass roots movement that catches fire by continuous sharing, learning and growing. With each magazine article or television segment or episode The Financial Show will be even greater with your thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns and input on an ongoing basis. You are the star of the show. Just like Money Magazine requires quality financial content for our national print publication, we need good, truthful and helpful financial video content on an equal or greater basis.

You or someone you know could be worthy of being on television all for the right reasons. The Financial Show requires news, reviews and interviews for both Money Magazine as content and Internet broadcast and live television aired regularly and nationally. Financial product and service reviews and recommendations that help you make save and preserve more of your hard earned wealth.

The Financial Show is on Rogers Channel 260 in Ontario and can reach up to 2 million households in the GTA and Golden Horse Shoe Area. Look forward to The Financial Show being included on 3 or 4 more strategically located provincial channels.

The Financial Show website ranks number one on yahoo, google, bing and youtube and is well received by Canadian financial consumers on television.

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