The Financial Show

The Financial Show

February 12, 2015 03:02 ET

The Financial Show-Seminar and Webinar for 'You and Your Money' February 25, 2015

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 12, 2015) -

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The Financial Show - webinar and seminar in support of Canadian Financial Literacy and in aid of 'You and Your Money'.

Hilton Hotel Downtown Toronto - 145 Richmond at Ruths' Chris - Steak House - FEBRUARY 25, 2015

You always said you would give back someday. Those in the know, have money, experience and time and are wanting and willing to re-learn, share and grow are welcome and expected at this important and prestigious affair.

The 2015 Canadian Financial Show in Toronto is the base and the nucleus for showcasing what we do best. The Investment Marketplace is both real and virtual and lends itself to a more efficient marketplace including loyal investors, trusted advisors and vetted financial product manufacturers that all makes sense and pays dividends.

You are invited to The Financial Show not only to celebrate the Canadian Financial Literacy Award and also to recognize a certain person, company, institution or government that is considered in the highest regard an elite Canadian Financial Literacy Sponsor and Influencer.

The Financial Show promises to be interesting, informative and inter-active for participants, media, special guest's, attendees and those who have signed up exclusively to watch a final production value seminar and symposium that is both valuable and worthy video.

Knowledge is Power and will always be recognized as the golden rule in learning or teaching English, math, numbers and a common sense.

Join us on a continuous odyssey of learning about money and personal finance until you reach your goal or help another achieve theirs.

Top Keynote Speakers:

Jonathan Chevreau - Pat Bolland - Scot Blythe - Jim Ruta

Meet the keynote speakers, authors, presenters, financial product manufacturers and industry professionals including business owners, principals and centers of influence.

We are in business to help Canadian's, individuals, business owners and taxpayers make, save and preserve more of their hard earned wealth. Elite Canadian Financial Literacy partners, advertisers and vetted companies and presenters of The Financial Show are necessary and integral components that play a vital role in serving an important community need.


Note: Money Magazine is a high quality, well-branded, personal finance magazine publication that is printed quarterly and in time for quarterly Financial Show seminar and symposium event. Don't miss the next season edition of Money Magazine or The Financial Show at Ruth's Chris - Steak House in Mississauga.

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