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August 09, 2005 08:00 ET

The Free Standards Group Announces Two New OpenPrinting Specifications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 9, 2005 -- At the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, the Free Standards Group (FSG), a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and promoting open source software standards, today announced that its OpenPrinting workgroup has released two new specifications that will enhance the interaction of applications and printers and will help achieve the goal of a standardized print environment in *nix environments. The two specifications -- Print Application Programming Interface (PAPI) Version 1.0 and Job Ticket Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) Version 1.0 -- are available today at

The Print Application Programming Interface provides an application programming interface with C language bindings for applications to interact with a print service. Version 1.0 of the interface focuses on basic print service objects and operations that are likely to be used by more common applications. The objects include the service itself, queues and jobs. The V1.0 operations provide the following:

        --  Queue:
      Enumeration, Query, Modify, Create, Delete, Pause, Resume,
      Enable, Disable, Purge, Enumerate jobs.

        --  Job:
      Submit (copy, by reference, stream), Query, Modify, Cancel,
      Hold, Release, Restart, Promote.
The interface is designed to be print service-independent, so applications using this interface can work with any print service that supports it. In the process of developing this specification, the interface has been implemented on top of rfc-1179 (the defacto standard network print protocol), IPP (the emerging standard network print protocol, used by CUPS and others.), Solaris LP, and CUPS (libcups.) The implementation work is being maintained in a SourceForge project that can be found at

The Free Standards Group (FSG) OpenPrinting Job Ticket Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) provides an abstract interface for applications to read, edit, and write document processing job tickets (defined outside this specification). This specification defines an abstract model of objects (jobs, documents, etc.) and their operations and attributes for document processing (e.g. scanning, printing, copying, etc.). This specification also defines C language bindings of this abstract object model (including standard header files).

Interested parties can find out more about the OpenPrinting workgroup and its teams by visiting There they can become a contributor to the workgroup and/or a member of the Free Standards Group.

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