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August 29, 2012 10:25 ET

The Future of Advertising Is Like a Well-Balanced Meal, Claims Hispanic Group

Color Your Plate With Mobile, Social, Digital and Guerrilla in 2013

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) -  Hispanic Group, an independent, minority-owned advertising agency with expert knowledge of reaching Latinos, today announced that advertising strategies should resemble a well-balanced meal that includes new and traditional media in the coming year.

As advertisers move from traditional to digital advertising, dwindling budgets, hard to measure analytics and longer sales cycles are complicating the media landscape for 2013. While many were quick to jump on the digital bandwagon and announce the demise of traditional media, Hispanic Group knows firsthand that the future of advertising will appear more like a well-balanced meal, instead of a one trick wonder.

Mobile advertising is not a passing trend, proven by the fact that smartphone sales surpassed computer sales for the first time this year. Knowing they won't replace computers or TVs leaves a crammed market with many mediums competing for ad dollars. 

"A well-balanced strategy for any brand -- like it or not -- will include a mix of mobile, social and even traditional advertising to consumers on every level. One won't replace the other, but rather all will interact and complement each other to maximize return on investment," said Jose Luis Valderrama, President and founder of Hispanic Group.

  • Got Mobile? Research has proven that Hispanics engage on their smartphones more than any other demographic -- surpassing the U.S. general market in overall ownership. Not only do Hispanics own more smartphones, but they get more use out of them in terms of texting, Internet surfing, emailing and downloading games. Hispanics are also more comfortable receiving and responding to advertisements via their mobile phones. According to Nielsen, mobile is a great strategy to reach Hispanic consumers. Hispanic Group sees mobile as the prime tool in an arsenal to reach acculturated Hispanics and provide measureable results to clients. 
  • Stay Social. Microblogging, apps, content curation -- consumers are self-publishing and defining agendas for brands. Females are also more active on social media than males so this is great avenue to reach moms, for example. Advertisers need to understand this landscape and embrace it, instead of playing down its importance. 
  • Think Digital. Click through rates will still have a place, thanks to tablets. However, the boundaries get fuzzier when it comes to mobile. Agencies will have to find new metrics to measure a campaign's success with so many variables coming into the equation. 
  • Go Guerilla! Brands still want to create buzz and ads to go viral. There's nothing wrong with being creative and innovative with some old-fashioned guerrilla marketing to get consumers excited about your product. Guerrilla strategies can also be integrated with digital technologies to create the most bang for ad dollars. 

Brands and marketers that stay on top of the evolving technologies -- and fully understand how to leverage, deploy and measure campaigns across all mediums -- in an ever-changing environment will get the biggest ROIs.

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Hispanic Group, an independent, minority-owned agency that specializes in customized communications solutions across all disciplines of advertising, traditional, digital and social media, branded content, direct response services and experiential marketing to the varied and fast-growing segments of the Hispanic population, has been working with Latino consumers and brands for more than a decade. Hispanic Group has expert knowledge of how to craft meaningful messages to reach Latinos centered on the concept of ultrasegmentation, a term they coined. The theory of ultrasegmentation consists on filtering demographic information on Hispanics in the U.S. to offer customized advertising solutions that garner maximum reach and frequency. 

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