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September 26, 2007 09:23 ET

The GENIVAR Income Fund Acquires Two Quebec City-based Engineering Consulting Firms

    QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 26  - The GENIVAR Income Fund ("GENIVAR")
is pleased to announce the acquisition of two Quebec City-based firms:- André Simard et associés ltée ("ASA"), specializing in landfill site
      design, environment and municipal infrastructure.
    - TERRA experts conseils inc. ("TERRA"), specializing in municipal
      infrastructure.GENIVAR has a staff of more than 2,100 employees in Canada and overseas,
including nearly 450 employees in the Quebec City region.
    "Joining forces with ASA and TERRA will enable us to consolidate our
expertise in municipal infrastructure and environment. It also reaffirms
GENIVAR's status as one of the Canadian leaders in this sector. There is a
very important need for municipal infrastructure renewal and development
across Canada in areas such as drinking water treatment and distribution,
wastewater treatment and waste management," said Pierre Shoiry, GENIVAR's
President and Chief Executive Officer. "Cities and municipalities are
investing massively in infrastructure renewal and development projects. That
is why we will continue to take part in these projects in the future. The
addition of these two companies will broaden our client base," said
Pierre Shoiry.

    Centre of excellence in landfill site design

    ASA has developed world-class expertise in the area of landfill site
design and management. The firm's experts have worked on the vast majority of
technical landfill projects in the province of Quebec. In addition, ASA's
bioreactor approach has fostered the development of advanced waste treatment
technology. "We will be expanding our service offer by tapping into ASA's
expertise in landfill site design and biogas recovery," added Mr. Shoiry.
"GENIVAR's Quebec City office is becoming a centre of excellence in these
highly specialized areas and will continue to develop its expertise in
association with our Canada-wide network of offices. As it leverages these key
assets, GENIVAR will be looking to play a strategic partnership role alongside
companies operating in the waste collection and management sector, in addition
to urban and municipal waste management. GENIVAR is positioned to provide a
comprehensive range of services in support of our clients' operations and
project development, in Canada and at the international level."
    "GENIVAR is very pleased to welcome ASA's 35 employees and TERRA's
5 employees. We are sure to benefit from their specialized municipal
infrastructure and environmental know-how. We will also gain unique expertise
in the areas of landfill site construction and biogas recovery and
utilization," said Eric Tremblay, GENIVAR's Vice-President for Eastern Quebec.
"ASA oversaw a one-of-a-kind project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions at Quebec City's landfill site. This was the largest pilot project
of its kind in Canada, and it helped to cut GHG emissions by 150,000 tons from
2004 to 2007. An agreement has already been signed with 22 other landfill
sites in Quebec. The development of this technology gives our company a head
start in connection with the proposal to establish a carbon trading market in
Canada for CO2 credits," he added. "We will continue to develop these areas of
expertise nationwide."
    "We are very proud to be joining forces with GENIVAR. This merger has
given us a tremendous boost. Thanks to GENIVAR's national network, we will be
able to realize our full potential, not only technically but also
geographically, and thus will be able to serve our Canadian clients more
effectively," said ASA President André Simard, Eng., M.Sc. "In addition, we
will have access to a pool of multi-disciplinary skills, enabling us to
undertake larger and more complex projects as a result of GENIVAR's scale of
operations and solid financial position. Moreover, GENIVAR's entrepreneurial
business model aligns perfectly with our own philosophy. We subscribe to the
same core values, including service quality and professionalism. We are thus
excited about the future development prospects for our team and our
clientele," he added.
    For TERRA, the merger also offers a number of significant benefits.
"Joining forces with a larger organization will facilitate our development and
open up an array of career opportunities. This means even bigger challenges
for our employees," said TERRA President Anne Chevrier, Eng.

    ASA projects

    ASA's experts have worked on the vast majority of the technical landfill
projects in Quebec. Operating at more than 25 locations around the province,
the firm has designed 15 landfill sites in accordance with new government
standards, including Canada's largest site north of Montreal. The firm has
also carried out a large number of municipal infrastructure initiatives,
including urban rehabilitation, wastewater treatment and drinking water
treatment projects. ASA's clients include Waste Management Inc., the City of
Quebec, the City of Montreal and the City of Matane, in addition to several
inter-municipal boards and regional county municipalities.

    TERRA projects

    TERRA has carried out a wide range of municipal engineering projects,
including the reconstruction of Rue Sheppard for the City of Quebec; a new
water supply system for the City of Lac Delage; and an innovative project
involving a natural method for treating and disposing of pond sludge for the
City of Warwick.

    About GENIVAR

    GENIVAR is a leading Canadian Engineering Services firm providing private
and public sector clients with a comprehensive range of professional
consulting services through all execution phases of a project including
planning, design, construction and maintenance. Clients fall into various
market segments such as building, industrial and power, urban infrastructure,
transportation and environment. GENIVAR is one of the largest Engineering
Services firm in Canada in terms of number of employees with more than
2,100 managers, professionals, technicians and technologists and support staff
in some 40 offices in Canada and internationally.

Contact Information

  • Pierre Shoiry, President and Chief Executive
    Officer, (514) 340-0046, ext. 5104; Marlène Casciaro, Director of
    Communications, (514) 340-0046, ext. 5184; André Simard, Eng., MATDR,
    President, André Simard & Associates Ltd., (418) 845-8885; Anne Chevrier,
    Eng., President, TERRA Experts Conseils Inc., (418) 623-2254