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March 03, 2010 11:19 ET

The Great Civic Center Restoration of 2010

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - March 3, 2010) - Starting in January 2010, Denver's Civic Center Park began a massive restoration. The Park's two main structures, The Voorhies Memorial and the Greek Theatre built in the early 1900s, were surrounded with metal columns and wrapped in plastic; the Great Civic Center Restoration of 2010 had begun. The main restoration focus will be on The Voorhies Memorial and Greek Theatre which make up the primary structures on each respective side of the Park. In order to complete the project by June 2010 custom encapsulations were fabricated and erected to enclose portions of the structures. This had to be done to heat the open air structures while performing restoration work during the cold Colorado months. The long Ballustrade Wall connecting these two landmarks will also receive attention through stabilization, structural re-enforcements, and improved accessibility work. Funding for the park restoration has been provided in the amount of a $4.4 million by Building A Better Denver bond. Civic Center Park, which has seen so many important historic Colorado events, will be in good hands with a Denver build team that has decades of historical Colorado preservation experience.

About The Team

It is fitting that Spectrum General Contactors has been selected for this project as they've long been a name synonymous with Denver area historic restoration and adaptive re-use. For over three decades the company has restored downtown buildings, civic structures, churches, and historical landmarks the likes of Barth Hotel, Rock Island Building, and The Colorado Saddlery Building. The restoration team led by Spectrum General Contractors and partnering with SLATERPAULL Architects was awarded the project in November 2009. Spectrum General Contractors and SLATERPAULL form a cohesive design/build team that brings innovation, value and dynamic chemistry to the Civic Center project. The philosophy to engage the best project team for this task has also reached through to Building Restoration Specialists (BRS) as the masonry experts to so many beloved downtown building. "This project represents a thoughtfully positioned team with a historic passion for each of our respective specialties. Having our companies locally owned provides an extra special significance to this Civic Center 2010 restoration project," said Tom Cella, President of Spectrum General Contractors.

Located at the junction of Colfax and Broadway at the steps of the Capitol Building, Civic Center Park has long been the centerpiece of civic pride for the Denver community. The Civic Center Park officially opened in 1919 and was created from the long-time planning of Denver Mayor Robert W. Speer. Since then the location has been a center point for large scale civic events, speeches, sports celebrations, and parades, as well as important long time annual Denver events. Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper has said that over the past 100 years Civic Center Park is the symbolic heart of Denver.

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