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Canadian Wildlife Federation

SOURCE: Hinterland Who's Who

Hinterland Who's Who

August 11, 2016 15:00 ET

The Grizzly and the Canada Lynx Are the Focus of the Latest HWW PSAs

HWW Is Now Preparing a New Series of PSAs for the 150th Anniversary of Canada

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - August 11, 2016) - The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) proudly announces that Grizzly and the Canada Lynx are the focus of the new public service announcements (PSAs) series of the Hinterland Who's Who (HWW) program. The new PSAs are now available on-line and on television stations throughout Canada.

The Grizzly is one of the most iconic Canadian species. This big brown bear, who is a carnivore but actually eats mostly plant matter, lives in a variety of habitats in western and northern Canada. But whatever habitat it lives in, a Grizzly is often on the move: a single bear may need as much as 1 800 km2 of wilderness to survive! That's three times the size of the City of Toronto!

The elusive Canada Lynx is not easy to observe. This secretive feline tends to hunt at night, ambushing its favourite prey: the Snowshoe Hare. Because of their reliance on this one food source, lynx populations will fluctuate with that of the hare. Even if it is not often seen, it is widespread, living in Canada's boreal forest from coast to coast, where it's active throughout the year.

The PSAs focus on the species' natural history and present interesting facts and amazing imagery. The PSAs are available in several formats: a 4-minute video for the web, a 30-second video for the general public and a 30-second and 15-second videos for kids. You can view these new PSAs at and on television. A fact sheet containing more in-depth information on both species is also available on

Now that these videos are launched, HWW is already busy creating a whole new series of PSAs in honour of Canada's 150th Anniversary! The shooting of these videos is starting on Monday, August 15th, in the Lunenburg area, Nova Scotia. For these special PSAs, HWW will present not only fascinating wildlife species and their natural history, but also their impact on our country's history and culture. Stay tuned, as 2017 will be a great year!

About Hinterland Who's Who

First created in 1963, HWW made bold use of a relatively new medium -- black and white television -- to reach the Canadian general public. The new Hinterland Who's Who, launched in 2003, serves to rebuild the connection thousands of viewers made with wildlife through the original series and ensure that wildlife remains part of what it means to be Canadian. Visit the Hinterland Who's Who Web site at:

Hinterlands Who's Who is a joint program of the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Environment Canada. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the series. Hinterland Who's Who has been bringing Canadians closer to our wilderness heritage for 50 years.

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