April 24, 2013 09:12 ET

The Hidden Gems in the US

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 24, 2013) - Every year, Canadians travel in spades into the US. Typically that means destinations like Florida, Las Vegas, California, New York, and Hawaii. These places are still the top choices for Canadians travelling to the US, but a surge of customers are beginning to look to less popularized cities to explore.

Canadians tend to be adventurous and always looking for new travel experiences. The United States is not only made up of several different cultures as a whole, but also offers so much variety within each city, which makes it an easy choice for Canadians. Travellers can uncover more unique experiences packed into one trip with multi-destination travel, to see and do more across the border.

The proximity of Canada to its US neighbours makes this a more budget-friendly alternative for travellers planning a summer road trip, or for more affordable flights within the US, while not compromising on the type of travel experience. From the iconic Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, to the ultimate country music festival in Nashville, and stunning panoramic views on Route 66 in Arizona, the US offers so much excitement beyond a family trip to Disney or a guy's weekend in Vegas.

"We are happy to see Canadians exploring various US destinations, taking advantage of the great deals and experience to be had for being so close in distance," Jonathan Carroll, president of itravel2000, comments. "The US offers handfuls of world-class beaches, golf courses, spas, vineyards, famous landmarks, events, and natural landscapes, that every trip can be a new adventure in the making."

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