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September 26, 2011 07:45 ET

The Homdoor, an American Made Home Tandoor

ISLAMORADA, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 26, 2011) - The tandoor may be new to America, but people have been cooking flavorful food with it for some 5,000 years. The Homdoor (pronounced home door) is a tandoor, or clay oven, designed for home use. The Homdoor, a home tandoor, creates heat between 450-850˚F that quickly sears and cooks food, allowing it to be moist, tender and infused with the flavors of the grill and marinades.

Vertical barbecuing in a tandoor is a healthy, low-fat and fun way to cook meats, poultry, seafood and the irresistible bread known as 'naan,' which is slapped onto the wall of the Homdoor and completely baked to perfection in 90 seconds. For vegetarians, the Homdoor is the perfect barbecue grill to easily prepare flavorful, succulent vegetables and other great non-meat dishes.

Grilling enthusiasts can explore a new culinary world with the Homdoor. With this tandoori grill, you can prepare mouth-watering, traditional recipes of India, such as Machali Masala (grilled salmon steaks marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and spices), or traditional July 4th fare like hot dogs, steaks, or chicken. A home tandoor is great for family dinners, parties and home entertaining and because it is portable and has wheels, it is also perfect for catering.

The Homdoor's creator, Ron Levy, is the original American producer of commercial tandoori ovens for restaurants and the most trusted name in tandoor manufacturing in the country. Since 1976, Levy has sold more than 3,000 tandoori ovens -- even the late great food author and New York Times restaurant critic Craig Claiborne owned one.

"Though most associate the tandoor with Indian food, the Homdoor is also uniquely suited to American-style barbeque -- steaks, chicken, hot dogs, even corn on the cob," says Levy. "It's uncomplicated, fast, tasty, exotic, and with just a little attention, almost foolproof. Plus it's just plain fun."

"I have been using Ron Levy's restaurant grade tandoors for catering, fairs and special events. His tandoors cook naan to perfection and tandoori items such as shrimp, vegetables and fish come out of the tandoor moist, succulent and delicious. Recently, I used the Homdoor and it cooks with the same perfection as his commercial tandoors. The Homdoor is perfect for family meals and social gatherings up to 40 people." -Manoj Bhatti, owner chef Imlee Restaurant voted #1 Indian restaurant Miami, Florida

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