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December 05, 2012 06:00 ET

The Hurry Cane™: Exercise Improves Balance and Strength as We Age

Simple Balance Exercises That Incorporate Strength Training Can Reduce the Instance of Falls Among the Older Adult Population; The People Behind the Innovative Mobility Solution Known as The Hurry Cane™ Commented on These Wonderful Findings

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 5, 2012) - An article published by North County Times indicates recent studies have demonstrated the positive effects of balance and strengthening exercises in retaining muscle mass as we age. The Hurry Cane™ is a specially-designed mobility solution created to help older adults maintain an active lifestyle. The results shared in the latest news story caught the attention of those who developed this innovative mobility device. 

A study conducted in Australia was noted by the article. During this project, individuals who participated in activities designed to promote strength and balance experienced fewer falls than their peers who did not engage in such activities. The study reportedly educated participants on simple variations of normal activities aimed to improve mobility. Examples outlined in the article included standing with one foot in front of the other while working or squatting -- instead of bending over -- to pick up dropped objects.

The individuals who developed the mobility solution named The Hurry Cane™ took note of these positive findings. They commented: "We are continually pleased by the positive results that research studies have demonstrated between exercise and mobility as we age. It is our hope that adults of all ages who struggle with balance can maintain active lifestyles by engaging in recommended exercises."

According to the article, a condition of chronic muscle loss known as Sarcopenia, affects nearly 25 percent of adults who are age 70 and older. As adults age further, the condition affects up to half of individuals by the time they reach age 80, the article noted.

Considered in a different light, the article offered the example of a 25 year-old male. This individual will have two times as much lean muscle as intramuscular fat. By the time this person reaches age 75, the article reported those measurements will reverse.

The good news is exercise can help individuals maintain lean muscle mass as age sets in. A number of studies have demonstrated improvements in strength, balance and flexibility among older adults who exercise.


The Hurry Cane™ is the latest innovation in mobility solutions for senior citizens and those who have difficulty walking. With a structure similar to the traditional cane, The Hurry Cane™ features a unique pivot-head design that allows for greater movement and flexibility. It also provides a strong base that allows users to perform tasks with both their hands, without having to worry about their cane falling over. With total approval ratings at a reported 98 percent, many consumers are already sharing their success stories after using this innovative product.

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