November 11, 2010 12:01 ET

The Importance of Winter Battery Management for the Transport Industry

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2010) - The performance and lifespan of lead-acid batteries are seriously inhibited when exposed to temperature extremes whether hot or, more critically, cold and as a result, effective battery management during the winter is essential for the wellbeing of both the battery and indeed company profit for businesses in the transport industry, says CTEK, a leading global brand in Battery Maintenance and care of vehicle batteries.

Ideal battery performance is usually obtained in working temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, but as the temperature drops below this so does the working efficiency of the unit, for a vehicles battery will lose up to 35 per cent of its efficiency when freezing point is reached and more than 50 per cent when exceeded.

Battery failure has long being the single biggest cause of breakdowns in the UK. For the everyday driver this represents an inconvenience and the cost of a recovery service call out and potentially a new battery but, in the automotive service and transport industry, this is a lot more than a mere inconvenience and can seriously affect bottom line profit and indeed, partner relationships.

However, despite the battery being integral to the vehicle and therefore the business, it is a component that is very often over looked during service intervals.

Börje Maleus, VP Business Development for the Transport release at CTEK commented: "We're all well aware of the essential role batteries play and neglecting them will only lead to premature failure, unnecessary replacement costs and a potential loss of profit. With the technology and equipment available, battery management isn't a daunting, complicated or even time consuming process, rather a simple task that can help ensure the smooth running of transport companies and fleets and therefore maintain income and relationships."

To avoid the cost and inconvenience of battery failure, CTEK recommends that a battery is charged and maintained overnight or when not in use by a smart battery charger such as the CTEK Multi XT 14000 AE. As with all of CTEK's range of Battery Chargers the XT 14000 AE is spark proof, reverse polarity protected and due to its patented charging process, can be left attached safely to battery for an indefinite amount of time. Battery Charging over night not only ensures that the battery is fully charged and conditioned so its lifespan extended, but also keeps the battery warm so that the chemical reaction needed to start the vehicle in the morning is a lot less demanding, with battery electrolyte and vehicle engine oil both thickening in colder temperatures.

The economy doesn't stop for winter and neither should a business. To avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime, effective battery management needs to be embraced by fleet and transport managers alike.

Additionally, any outlay on equipment will be easily recouped by profit levels being maintained as well as the savings in time and cost achieved by reducing the frequency of replacing batteries and call-out costs.

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