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Tax Resolution Institute

August 22, 2011 14:30 ET

The Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Tax Resolution Company

The Tax Resolution Institute in Los Angeles Provides a Guide for American Taxpayers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 22, 2011) - When you owe delinquent taxes, the trouble seems overwhelming. The IRS compounds interest on a daily basis. The challenge is how to find a tax resolution company that will solve your problem. Here is a list of questions.

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Question 1: Do they offer a free consultation?

A company should examine your case before asking for money. How can they help you if they don't know what the problem is? The Tax Resolution Institute offers a free consultation.

Question 2: Are they respected within the industry? Are they a resource for other tax professionals, CPAs and tax attorneys?

Tax resolution professionals learn from the best. Peter Stephan, founder of the Tax Resolution Institute, wrote The Ultimate Guide To Tax Resolution, a textbook used to train tax professionals.

Question 3: Do they promise an Offer in Compromise right away? Do they immediately promise pennies on the dollar resolutions?

An Offer in Compromise can work, but acceptance rates are low so each situation must be analyzed. The Tax Resolution Institute does not promise pennies on the dollar resolutions, but viable solutions.

Question 4: Does the company immediately ask for your credit card and social security number?

If they demand your credit card and SS# right away, you could be setting yourself up to be ripped off. A client agreement and IRS Form 2848 don't require your personal information until you become a client.

Question 5: Does the company have a permanent place of business? Is the company backed by professional agencies?

Reputable tax relief companies have an address, staff and a website. They have verification seals on their website from known agencies.

Question 6: Do they offer a refund if they fail to solve your tax problem? Do they put their money where their mouth is?

Tax Resolution scam artists are all about the money and false promises. The Tax Resolution Institute finds a workable solution to your tax problem or they refund your fee.

Question 7: Does the company have online scam warnings about them by past clients?

If a tax resolution company has scam warnings online from past clients, this is a red flag. The Tax Resolution Institute has not had a single complaint by a past client.

Question 8: Is the company a fly-by-night operation or have they been established for at least a decade?

There are many overnight companies designed to rip you off. The Tax Resolution Institute has a long history of successful resolution outcomes.

Question 9: Who will manage your case and return your calls? Will your case be handed off to an administrative assistant?

If you cannot get your calls returned by a tax professional, something is wrong. At the Tax Resolution Institute, only Tax Attorneys and CPAs manage your case.

Question 10: Does the company use jargon to avoid transparency? Do they speak at and above you or with you?

If they are using jargon to confuse you, you should find a firm that is transparent. On the Tax Resolution Institute website, a film editor client described the services of Peter Stephan: "Peter provided guidance and support, and was available when I needed to talk."

A tax problem is challenging. Ask the right questions. On his website, Peter Stephan explains: "If you believe your tax situation is dire, we are here for you. We'll find a real solution and ensure your future."

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